Many people ask “are Maine coons friendly?” and the answer to this question is yes. Maine Coon Cats are friendly, furry, intelligent, and have the general attributes of a cat but the Maine Coon Cats are very special. They are considered to be very adaptable to the environment and can easily get along with almost everybody. They can get along with kids, dogs, and the other cats and have the longest and the most beautiful coat out there.

They enjoy playing fetch and walking on a leash and for many such reasons they are registered among the top three cats by the Cat Fanciers Association.  

Are Maine Coons Friendly: History

Are Maine Coons Friendly: History

The first Maine Coon cat was named Captain Jerks which was referred to in an account back in 1861 and right after thirty-four years, a brown tabby won the best cat award at the Madison Square Garden show.

People speculated that the Maine coons are mixed with raccoons and no matter wherever they go they remain to be immensely lovable and popular.

The Maine coon cats come in many different colors and patterns and can either be of a solid color or a combination of two or more colors. The tortoiseshell, tabby and white, and many other colors are found in these cats.

The coat of these cats is longer than the other cat breeds and weekly grooming is required to achieve the famous silky coat and in terms of aesthetics, all the cats are prone to periodontal disease. The Maine coon should be looking its best through weekly brushing at the home with regular dental cleanings.

Why Do Maine Coon Cats Rule?

are maine coons friendly
Why Do Maine Coon Cats Rule?

What is a Maine coon cat?” is one such question that is asked by a lot of people. There are some reasons which make sure that they remain amongst the best cat breeds. Some of the reasons are-

  1. Family-friendly– Maine Coon cats are super sweet and love a good nap and high-demand time and attention. The Maine Coon are not flustered by strangers, children, dogs, or other animals. They are one cool, collected breed.
  2. Communicative– There are lots of cat meow to ask for food or attention but make delightful little sounds like the cheeps, trills, and chirps and sound like birds instead of a cat sound.
  3. Size– Many Maine cats can weigh more than 25 pounds and because of their luxurious thick coat, they even might look bigger. It is because of their giant size that they are loved more.
  4. Inquisitive nature– The Maine Coons are curious nature about their surroundings and can create interesting games out of boring objects. They can also be trained to do the tricks.
  5. Health– In terms of health, the breeds may inherit some problems but are considered to be one of the healthiest cats. Because of their size, they can be prone to hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

What Does A Maine Coon Cat Look Like?

What Does A Maine Coon Cat Look Like?

Whenever people ask ‘are Maine coons friendly’, this is another question that might pop up. The Maine Coon is a native Englander hailing from Maine and were popular mousers, farm cats, and they are dated back to as early as the 19th century. The first thing that might be noticed is that they are really big.

They are the largest house cats in the world but have more than their size. They are not needed but are affectionate and adaptable. They are good-natured and can adapt to many different lifestyles and personalities.

They like socializing and being around people and have the habit of following them around. They are happy to receive as much attention as possible and they will wait patiently for you to realize your mistakes.

Their skill as a mouser has been retained and no rodents will be safe in a home. Their skills may be kept sharp by chasing toys and grabbing them with their big paws. A Maine Coon enjoys playing fetch and retrieve small balls, toys, or wadded-up pieces of paper.

They can climb up as any cat but prefer staying on the ground and level and they are very smart and will learn the tricks and play with puzzle toys that challenge their brain. The Maine Coons cats enjoy a kittenish love of play well into adulthood.

The males especially are prone to silly behavior and the females are more dignified but aren’t above a game of chase. They are very vocal and make any requests in a soft chirp or trill.


are maine coons friendly
Maine Coon Cat Health

Both the pedigreed cats and the mixed-breed cats have varying incidences of health problems that may be genetic and the problems may include the following-

  1. Hip dysplasia in severe cases causes lameness.
  2. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a heart disease that is inherited in the Maine Coons and a DNA-based test is available to identify that one of the mutations that cause the disease.
  3. Polycystic kidney disease is a slow progressive heritable kidney disease that results in renal failure.
  4. Spinal muscular atrophy is a genetic disorder that affects the skeletal muscle of the trunk and the limbs.

Characteristics Of A Maine Coon Cat

Characteristics Of A Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons are very large and are known for being one of the most affectionate breeds. They love to play and hang out with their human friends and grow up to 40 inches in length. The owners of this cat know the prize that they pay for these cats. So, you should not keep wondering ‘are Maine coons friendly”, but keep reading.

Surprisingly, these are very popular and at one point this breed was on the verge of extinction. An average Maine Coon cat costs between $400-$1500 and depends on the pedigree. It is the largest domestic cat breed and the largeness is one of the defining physical characteristics of this cat.

The size is 10-16 inches tall and the felines weigh up to 8-18 pounds and have solid legs and wide chests along with muscular bodies. They already are big-boned but their fur coats make them look even bigger and the long coat is very silky and smooth.

These cats come in a variety of different colors like solid white, cream, blue, red, and bi-color. The other important defining features are large pointed eats topped with wisps of hair, expressive oval-shaped eyes, and a long and bushy tail.

Their imposing size might fool you deep down but in terms of temperament, they are soft and gentle giants who love to spend time with their humans and very much expect to be a part of the family.

They aren’t very keen on personal space or privacy and are delighted at the thought of following you from room to room and though Maine coon’s are affectionate and social. Hence, you have got the answer of ‘are Maine coons friendly’. They still are not lapped cats and prefer to hang out beside you rather than on your lap.

Being incredibly intelligent, fun-loving they will retain their kittenish playfulness into old age and the Maine coon cat club calls them the clowns of the cat world. It is not an aggressive breed and will tolerate being picked up, cuddled.

Living Needs

are maine coons friendly
Characteristics Of A Maine Coon Cat

First and foremost, these cats need affection and a loving family to play with and their willingness to include the cat in all the daily aspects. These pets are very patient and are good with the dogs and can be left alone for short periods.

If they are left alone for long, they might become sad and anxious and are best matched with a family with at least one or two people at home. They love to play in the water but it means that they might follow you into a shower or try to interfere with the dishes.

Being surprisingly quiet these cats love to communicate and vocalize with their humans but have a soft voice which might be surprising. They are amazing family pets and those with time, patience, and attention will be hard-pressed.

Your Maine Coon will need regular grooming anywhere from weekly to monthly and their long coats are silky smooth. When they start to look greasy or stingy, it might be time for a bath. They require weekly brushing to keep their hair long and preventing it from getting tangled.

They do not have special exercising needs but with long hours of sleep and playful bouts in between they can keep running throughout the day. The cat toys and trees might help them work this energy out and they are very easily trainable.

They quickly take into the house training and litter box use but they might require a large litter box to help them do their business. They should be socialized from an early age.

Thus, if you have the question “are Maine coon cats friendly?”  then the answer is yes.


Large, intelligent, and affectionate pets, Maine coons love being around other people. Next time whenever the question “are Maine coons friendly” comes to your mind, you know the answer! All the major characteristics of these pets are mentioned in the article above and the ways to train them are also given.

These cats require a lot of attention and should be considered if you need a pet who needs affection and gives affection. The health threats of these cats are also given.


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