Winstrol is identified as an anabolic steroid which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. This medication isn’t an esterified one and found in an oral form and in an aqueous suspension.

This medication contains an oral bioavailability due to C17 aa-alkylation which permits it to survive your liver when you will ingest it. This medication can be safely taken by both the sexes as its anabolic properties are more powerful than its anabolic features.

This medication has got huge medicinal benefits; it can effectually treat the conditions like hereditary angioedema and anemia well.

Users also take it for augmenting the growth of muscles, encouraging appetite, increasing bone density and for an increased red blood cell count.

The impacts of this medication performed better on women athletes as it lacks the androgenic effects.


Steroids which contain intensified androgenic effects fetch the danger of hair loss and deepened voice in females. This medication supplies two major benefits; firstly, it lessens fat and secondly, it assists in achieving a thinner body mass.

According to reports, this medication should be taken in lower dosages daily so that a woman experiences good impacts. Only when this medication is misused or taken in large dosages can lead to serious side effects.

Unfortunately, if women come across the adverse side effects they need to discontinue taking this compound at once.

Some precautions that need to be taken

Although this medication contains enormous benefits, yet it shouldn’t be attempted by a pregnant and a breastfeeding woman. Children are strictly not allowed to take this medication.

Additionally, people who are allergic to the constituents of this drug are forbidden to take this compound.

People suffering from health problems, like, heart attack, breast cancer, stroke, prostate cancer and multiple myeloma should seek the permission of a physician before they take this medication.

To maintain the efficacy of this medication, users are advised to keep it at a normal room temperature away from heat, direct light, children, moisture and unauthorized use.

Taking this medication properly

Taking this medication properly

This medication is available in a liquid form that can be administered with the help of an intramuscular injection. However, many users prefer the tablet form more as they can swallow it easily.

This medication has got a vigorous life of nearly 48 hours, which is why you aren’t required to split your regular dosage to maintain a stable level of blood. You can consume your daily dosage in a sitting only.

You have the liberty to take this medication at any time during a day but taking it prior to a meal is generally advised to avert a trivial chance of stomach upset.

Impacts on women

A small dosage of 10mg of this medication performed better on women to bring noticeable effects on them. Actually, a woman is naturally more sensitive to anabolic steroids and a small dosage manages to emit remarkable gains on them.

The majority of the women take this medication in their cutting cycles to improve their athletic performance. They also take it for losing weight remarkably.

Taking it, they get a harder, thinner and defined appearance while maintaining thin tissue as well as strength that sometimes get lost during the dieting phases. To gain these results, they need to take this drug for 5-6 weeks.

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