“A Dog’s true happiness lies in chewing the bone!”

You had a party at your house, and you just enjoyed the finger-licking dinner, and now you are thinking about what to do with the leftover like bones. 

Are you planning to give them to your beloved pet? 

Don’t! Keep reading this article to know why it is not safe to give bones to your dog.

Your pet may look big, but they are just overgrown babies, and babies should only be fed healthy food. There is a common saying you might have heard, “Give a dog a bone!” But in reality, should you give bones to your pets? 

Is it really a good idea?

Many new dog owners often question what they should give to their canine friends? One of the most asked questions is, Can dogs have ham bones? 

We know that you are tempted to give all sorts of human food, but giving them T-Bone is not good for them.

Yes, bone is indeed a prized possession of dogs, but we don’t know which bones are safe and which are not. What will you do if you realize that your dog has eaten a large piece of bone? To be honest, these irresistible canine delights can slowly kill them. 

Yeah, you read it right!

 If you don’t want to compromise your dog’s health, then keep reading this piece.

Here you will find all the important answers to questions related to bones. So first, let’s explore whether ham bone is toxic for your dog or not in the next subtopic.

Are ham bones safe for dogs?

If you are wondering that Can dogs eat ham bones, then our answer is no, they cannot! Avoid giving any kind of bones to your pups because they splinter into shards, and that can damage your pet’s throat and intestines.

They might also choke on the small pieces of the ham bones or break their teeth and ruin their gums. If you have a habit of feeding human foods or any kind of cooked food to your dogs, then please stop. 

So now that you know some details about bones, then let’s know a little more about the dangers of cooked beef bones.

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Can dogs eat cooked beef bones?

Never do that! We repeat, never give cooked beef bones to your dogs Because it can cause internal damage, and such severe injuries can cause death too. 

Want to know what will happen when you give cooked bones to your pets? 

Firstly, the bones will cause severe injury to your dog’s teeth and mouth. If your pet chews it hard, then they will splinter and cause injury to the cheeks, tongue, and gums.

The second big concern is that the sharp edges of the bones will irritate their intestinal tract. There are some cases where your baby pet will swallow the entire bone or a large piece of a bone. 

It can be life-threatening for them because it will lead to blockage of the intestinal system.And the only way to remove large bone pieces is emergency surgery. 

Scary right? 

Nobody wants their pets to go through so much pain, so think twice before giving them cooked bones.

Also, avoid pre-packed bone products because it contains preservatives like sulfite. It can lead to thiamine deficiency, which is dangerous for your pet’s health. We recommend you to avoid any kind of cooked bones. If you wish to give bones, then you can feed only human-grade quality raw meaty bones only.

 However, make sure that the raw bone is larger than your pet’s mouth.

After reading this section, we hope you avoid feeding cooked bones to your furball. If you really want to make your pet’s day, then there are other treats that they can chew. Talk to the pet doctor for any kind of advice. They will recommend a tasty chewy treat for your pup, which they will savor till the end. 

Now, in the next section, let’s take a closer look at what kinds of bones to give to your canine buddy.

What kind of bones can dogs eat?

After reading the potential dangers of cooked bones, you might be thinking “What type of bones should I give to my dog?” 

To make things easier for you, we have brought a few options for your cutie patootie.

Yes, there are numerous ways to satisfy your pet’s urge to chew. 

As a parent of a dog, you should always know that even bones that are safe come with few precautions. You must know what kind of bone will be best depending on their age, chewing style, and size. 

If you are giving your dog a bone for the first time, then supervise and keep an eye on them. It is one of the best ways to see if bones are a good chewing item for your dog. Some of the veterinarians will say that raw meaty bones are full of phosphorus, nutritious as well as safer for dogs.

In raw bones, you can give them beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, or even oxtail. However, there is one major drawback with the raw bones. These bones might come in contact with bacteria and begin its decomposition process within a few days.

So clean the bone thoroughly before giving it to your dog. Once you consider all these factors, it is time for your dogs to enjoy their treat. Aside from this, there are numerous other chewy stuff to choose from! 

You can give them toys that are created of twisted or dense rubbers rope fibers. Food produced by reputed brands is also a good choice to offer them as treats. Along with chewing, it will provide balanced nutrition for dogs.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about how much time it takes for your four-legged mate to digest a bone.

How long does it take a dog to digest a bone?

Dogs and digestive tracts are way different from ours. They are omnivores animals, so you need to feed them differently too. The digestion process begins with their mouth. Their teeth are designed to break large chunks of food.

Then, it passes through their esophagus, which pushes the bone into their stomach. Next, the food gets turned into nutrients after breaking down by enzymes and hydrochloric acid. So overall, the digestion process of bones can take about eight hours.

It can take more or less time depending on the quality of diet. If your dog drinks enough water, then congrats, the bones will get digested within eight hours. So now you might have a proper idea about what kind of bone you should give to your dog? A raw bone or a cooked bone? Let’s continue this debate in the next section.

Can dogs eat raw bones?

Are you thinking of feeding raw bones to your furry friends? 

The answer to this question is yes! 

Raw bones are a great source of extra nutrients. It is said that bones are good for cleansing their digestive systems.

Apart from that, your pup may never suffer from low calcium in their body. Raw bones also offer other nutritional benefits to them. Your pet might chew on the bones, which is extremely good for their gum as well as tooth health. 

Are you wondering how?

Well, when your baby pet gnaws on the raw bones, it will remove plaque from their teeth and massage their gums. So now you know what to give and what not to give your four-legged buddies.

Some tips for giving raw bones to your dogs

If you have made a decision to feed raw bones to your canine pals, then you must follow some of the rules given below.

  • Once they chew the bones, get rid of them.
  • Give them bones under your supervision only.
  • Start their bone chewing lessons when they are puppies.
  • Always give them bigger bones or ask for dinosaur bones from the meat vendor.
  • Keep one thing in mind that bones are only for chewing and not the actual meat.

Wrapping Up

We are very devoted to helping the pet parents to know about the raw and cooked bone. If any of your friends are confused about whether to give raw or uncooked bone, then please do share our article with them because it only shows that you care when you share. Besides, instead of giving cooked bones, you can give any other treats to your pets. 

You can share your thoughts about bone safety with us. We would love to hear back from you.


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