If you have a feline friend at home, here are some cat interesting facts that might come in handy in understanding your furry friend. Cats are more like humans than dogs. Believe it or not, it’s true! However, they have their own quirks. 

If you are a feline lover and love to learn crazy cat facts, then…

Here are 50 cat interesting facts for you! 

Facts about cat
  1. A group of this furry feline is called a ” Glaring or Clowder.
  2. Cats can climb up the tree, but they cannot climb back down in a head-first position. This crazy cat facts is based on the reason that a feline’s claws are facing in the same direction. Hence, they will have to climb down in a back-first posture. 
  3. In the Old Testament, it is mentioned that God made cats as a direct result of Noah’s prayer. He prayed for something that would save the grains on the ark, and for that, God created cats. 
  4. We humans have only 206 bones in our bodies, whereas cats have 230 bones
  5. Did you know cats have whiskers in two places? One on their face and the other set on the rear end of their front legs. 
  6. People in the USA prefer cats over dogs as pets. There are about 75 million pet dogs in the USA, while 88 million homes own pet cats. 
  7. It’s no use feeding your cats sweets. They cannot taste any sweetness. Medics and scientists believe that this is due to a genetic mutation. 
  8. Yet another cat interesting facts is that cats possess the largest set of eyes compared to the size of their heads as compared to any other mammals. 
  9. Humans are believed to be capable of taking 7 rebirths. Cats can be reborn 9 times. 
  10. There is a Buddhist belief that very powerful spirits choose their resting places in cats. In their rebirth, they are born as immense, powerful, and influential people. 
  11. Cats can look fragile, but they have a super rough tongue covered in barbs. Their tongue can clean off a bone of the meat. 
  12. Cats, like humans, are either left or right-pawed. However, some cats tend to be ambidextrous. 
  13. “Polydactyl”— Do you know what these are? These are felines who have more than 18 toes! (Fact: Felines generally have 18 toes, as compared to humans, which have 20 toes) 
  14. If your cat finds food unpalatable, it will refuse it. They will not eat food that they dislike, even if they starve to death! 
  15. Female cats can get pregnant at the age of 4 months. Female dogs, on the other hand, can get pregnant at the earliest by the age of 6 months. 
  16. Scientists believe that the average duration of a cat’s lifespan has increased by a year in the past decade. This is one of the most cat interesting facts in recent years. 
  17. There are two ways to get your cat to sleep at night. The first is, keep it super active during the day. If you aren’t free to help your cat perform activities, then you can give a large portion of a meal during the evening so that it sleeps better at night. 
  18. You will read many facts about cats regarding catnips. Catnips aren’t bad for cats. There are no proven long-term bad health effects of catnips on cats. 
  19. Catnips have the same effects on cats as marijuana does on humans. It can make your cats act all crazy! Don’t worry. The effect wears off after 15 minutes to 20 minutes. However, it can resurface again after a couple of hours. 
  20. When your cat rubs their face or body on you, then they are actually marking you as their territory. They have scent glands on their face. They transfer their scent on your body to mark you as their territory. 
  21. Hissing is a defensive act on the part of cats, not an aggressive act. If you witness a catfight and see hissing on the part of a cat, then the cat that is hissing is more defensive and scared. 
  22. One of the most cat interesting facts is that cats have over 100 vocalization variables. Dogs only have about 10! 
  23. In the embassy of Holland, Moscow, there were two Siamese cats. They kept clawing at a particular wall, occasionally hissing at it. The people at the holland embassy dug the wall, thinking they would find mice. They discovered microphones instead. These mics were chipped by Russian spies. 
  24. Cats don’t meow at each other. They understand other cats by means of their body language. They inculcated the habit of meowing as a way to communicate with humans. 
  25. One of the most interesting facts about cats is, they yawn as a means to communicate with other animals to end the confrontation. It is their way of giving the IDGAF attitude.  
  26. When cats flip over to and expose their belly to you, don’t immediately assume that it is an invitation for a belly rub. They are just showing their trust by exposing their vulnerable side. 
  27. If your cat is pawing you with their nails retracted, then that is a gesture for play. They aren’t attacking you. 
  28. When your cat is waging their tail, then they are warning you that you are getting on their nerves. This is very different from a dog’s tail-wagging gesture, which means that they are showing happiness. 
  29. The position of a cat’s whiskers is one of the best ways to understand its mood. If your cat’s whiskers are backward, then it means that your feline is scared or defensive. If you see that your cat’s whiskers are forward pointed, then they are in hunting or attacking mode. 
  30. Did you know your cat’s nose has a unique print? It is much like the fingerprint of a human. 
  31. 86% of cat owners in the USA neutered or spayed their cats. The main reason is that in their lifetime, one female cat can give birth to about 200 kittens!
  32. Cats stick their butts on a human’s face as a friendly gesture (lol)! 
  33.  Another cat interesting facts is that felines drape their tails around another feline or another animal as a gesture of their friendship. 
  34. Your cat might not drink water from the water bowl if it doesn’t like it. You might have to change their water bowls multiple times before they settle for one. Many cats like to drink water directly from the faucet. 
  35. If your cat attacks your ankle sometimes, then it is a gesture that they are bored and are looking for some drama! 
  36. The vibration frequency of a cat’s purr is 25 to 150 Hertz. The frequency is the same at which the muscles and bones repair themselves. 
  37. There are 33 different species of animals that went extinct because of cats! 
  38. The first instance of a domesticated cat is recorded in 3600 BC. 
  39. Cats sleep one-third of their lives sleeping and another third of their lives keeping themselves groomed. 
  40. In the 19th century, USA postal offices hired cats as official employees for catching mouses. 
  41. All cats love milk is a myth. Many adult cats are actually lactose intolerant. Feeding them milk can send their digestion for a toss. 
  42. Yet another interesting facts about cats is, not every cat love catnip. More than half of felines won’t even respond to this aromatic herb. In contrast, others would go crazy over it. The reason is not yet clear to medics and scientists. 
  43. A cat named ‘Creme Puff‘ in Austria is known to have the longest life of 38 years (1967 to 2005). 
  44. You will see about two dozen cats roaming about in Disneyland. These feral cats are left there by the authorities as a means to control the population of rodents in the amusement park. 
  45. If you see a cat’s tail in ‘?’ shape, then it is an invitation to play. 
  46. If your kitty is blinking at you slowly, then it is equivalent to a human kiss. A slow blink is a gesture of trust. 
  47. ‘Allogrooming’ is the expression for cat behavior when they are grooming other kitties or even humans. 
  48. One of the cat interesting facts is that white cats that have blue eyes are more likely to go deaf. 
  49. If you see that your kitten is approaching you with a straight tail that is almost vibrating. It is a gesture of immense happiness. 
  50. You should not feed chives, raisins, onions, grapes, and garlic to cats. These are extremely harmful to them. Cats can have kidney failure if they eat grapes or raisins in quantity. 
crazy cat facts


Cats are very much like humans. Their attitude, ego, and behavior have immense similarities to the levels at which we humans function. Yet, they are quirky in their own unique ways. We hope you found this article on crazy cat facts interesting and of use. To know more about cats, you can read our other blogs on cats. 


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