Hi everyone, in my first post of the Micro Niche Site Challenge I shared with you ways you’ll find your niche. Now we’re creating an internet site with WordPress, to publish our content online.

This post isn’t only applicable if you would like to make a distinct segment site but also when you’re launching a blog, a private website, or a replacement website for your enterprise.

I want to point out to you, how you’ll choose a Webhosting plan, install and configure your WordPress website, and publish your first post.

Why Am I Creating an internet site With WordPress?

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Let me first mention , why most bloggers and internet businesses believe WordPress as system for his or her websites.

WordPress may be a Content-Management-System (short: CMS). It’s designed to allow you to easily publish content online and to be highly customizable.

By March 2012, 72.4 million websites around the globe use WordPress. that’s approximately 50% of all websites worldwide!

This statistic proves, that creating an internet site with WordPress must be pretty easy – then must be the upkeep .

The official WordPress plugin directory contains quite 19,000 free plugins to increase the functionality of your WordPress website.

Hundreds of thousands of various themes, designed by professionals, will make your site unique. most of the are customizable to suit your expectations and along side some plugins you’re ready to create your very own website that isn’t like the other website within the internet.

Since WordPress is widely spread and is predicated upon an enormous community of developers.

You definitely should care about the developers, because those people introduce new functions to WordPress, fix bugs, increase the safety , and enhance the general functionality.

Creating an internet site with WordPress is that the most suitable option you’ll make.

Webhosting Basics.

In order to form an internet site accessible within the internet, you’ll need a service provider called ‘webhost’.

Those guys have huge building full with servers all round the world. Without going into technical details, servers are computers providing storage and accessibility for websites. you’ll install WordPress on a server owned by a webhost and therefore the webhost takes care of creating it accessible within the internet within seconds after installing WordPress.

Webhosts protect their servers against hackers, power blackouts, and guarantee the accessibility of your website within the internet.

Most webhosts include buying domain names in their hosting packages, in order that you’ll manage your domains and your websites in one account.

Don’t worry, it sounds more technical than it really is and that i will guide you thru this process one step at a time.

Choosing a Webhost

It all starts with choosing a webhost for your websites.

In my opinion, there are basically two great webhosts to settle on from: Bluehost and Hostgator.

Both combine webhosting and name services. Creating an internet site with WordPress is extremely easy, both webhosts offer very simple routines for this purpose.

Those two are both great choices when it involves customer support, technical service, and pricing. If you opt that you’re going with Hostgator, you’ll save 25% with this coupon: hostgatorjk25.

Here may be a sample installation video, that shows you the straightforward installation routine Hostgator offers for WordPress.

Configuring WordPress

Creating an internet site with WordPress also includes the installation of a custom theme and custom plugins. Those make your site unique and are pretty easy to try to to .

I’ll touch on the 2 most vital configuration steps: installing a replacement theme and installing new plugins.

Installing a replacement Theme

For my niche site, i will be able to use the quality theme TwentyTwelve, that comes preinstalled with WordPress.

If you’ve got purchased a special theme and need to put in this, this screenshot shows you, the way to roll in the hay .

creating an internet site with WordPressIn the section Appearance you’ll see a menu-item called Themes. Clicking thereto opens a page with two tabs.

In the first tab called Manage Themes you’ll see every theme that’s currently installed. Here you’ll switch between themes through clicking on Activate.

In the second tab called Install Themes you’ll search the official theme repository by entering an enquiry term into the search field.

When you have purchased a custom theme, you’ve got received a .zip archive, which you’ll upload once you click on Upload. Clicking on the Browse button on the upload page will open a directory browser, which you’ll navigate to the .zip file containing your theme.

Installing The Adsense Plugin

Remember that we’re creating an internet site with WordPress to get passive income online. This website is going to be monetized through Google Adsense, so we’d like to embed their Adsense codes on our website.

I’m getting to use a plugin called Ad Injection. it’s free and it displays Google Ads in several different positions and even supports ad rotation. We’ll see afterward what this suggests.

installing plugin during a website with WordPress

On the plugins page, you’ll look for specific plugins. We’re getting to enter the name of the plugin Ad Injection into the search field and that we are going to be presented with the subsequent results.

Installing Ad InjectionWe see, that we will easily install the plugin by clicking on Install now. After clicking on Install now a popup window appears which we’ve to verify .

WordPress will then automatically download the plugin and install it. When it’s finished, WordPress automatically opens a site where we will directly activaty the plugin.


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