I have noticed that through the years, my body’s shape has changed. I’m not just talking about weight gain and weight loss. I’m talking about the basic shape, curvature, and proportions of my body.

For example, I used to have more narrow hips, now they are a bit wider, no matter what I weigh. 

Also, I’ve noticed that my stomach has become a slightly different shape, and is harder to keep flat, whereas my muscles mass there before made it relatively easy for me to maintain a flat belly. 

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These are just some of the changes I’ve noticed, and scientists agree – they say the basic shape of your body structure changes every several years as you age, even after you’ve fully matured, so it’s not just a coming of age and maturity thing either.

One thing they have recently proven is that your hip bones actually do widen with age. 

So, it’s not just the weight gains that come with age and the higher percentage of body fat and less body muscle that comes with age and accounts for the widening of the hips, but the actual widening of the hip bones themselves.

Age No Matter What
Do Your Hips

  Both men and women tend to notice their girth get wider in this area as they age, and they may definitely notice a difference when they get say between their 40′s and 60′s, which is when the body really starts ot rearrange itself.

They say the same is true for your facial structure. Except, instead of widening, a variety of interesting things happen to your face as you age which actually just make you look older, and unfortunately sometimes less attractive as well – less “proportionate”. 

One thing that’s true is that your nose keeps growing as you get older.  So, you really could end up with a larger nose as you age, it’s not just an optical illusion.

What probably makes it look worse is the fact that the facial bones actually wear away as you age, which promotes even more sagging of the skin, and hollowed out looking eyes, mouth, etc.

You can help with this by doing facial exercises to help beef up the underlying muscles which support the facial structure, but to a degree, your bones are still goin to wear away with age. Ugh, this is just depressing, let’s move on to something else!

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