I decided to do a check using Scroogle Scraper – the tried and trusted way of determining approximately where you are ranking for various keyword phrases in Google dot com.

In fact, Scroogle is providing me better results than does the Google keyword ranking tool – and these results are fairly related to the use of Build My Rank! (Sorry to everyone who did not get in on Build my Rank at the lower price!).

One of the bad things about WordPress is that it tends to mess up your post editing – hence this post is all squashed up. Furthermore, in this particular post its putting a score mark through a lot of my links. I’ve seen this happening on other blogs recently too. Anyone know what’s causing this?

This time last year my rankings for similar keywords were pretty reasonable. And this time last year I was making more money, even though I did not really know what I was doing. But this time this year my rankings (according to Scroogle, which is supposed to be representative of at least some of the Google dot com database/s) are quite a lot better than last year.

And as I mentioned already, this is because of my investment in Build My Rank and my investment in people to write articles for it, albeit I’m down to one part time writer who writes about 50 to 60 posts a week for me.

I could not be happier with what I am seeing in Scroogle. Often times I’ve got rankings 1, 2, and 3 in Google, which includes “Twilight poster”, which you can see in the above screenshot. But, I’m seeing almost no income from any of this which amazes me.

Only about 27 shopping days left before Christmas (less than that actually because online shopping finishes a few days before Christmas) and I’m still not seeing Chistmas sales.

Add Value to Your Posts in Order to Get Long Term High Google Rankings
Add Value to Your Posts in Order to Get Long Term High Google Rankings

See the screenshot below which is my eBay account showing stats for November. You can see that real big spike that I mentioned the other day, and then visitor numbers and sales have dimished again drastically.

But what to do other than keep figuring ways to get ahead in the game? This poor eBay income for November has been a good thing for me, believe that or not. Its forcing me to try harder to generate new ideas that I can implement in the months ahead, and not rely on eBay as being the be-all and end-all of my monthly income, which is not at all a sensible way to progress it seems to me. Too many eggs in one basket and all that…

2010 11 27 0713 300×155 Add Value to Your Posts in Order to Get Long Term High Google Rankings Already over the past 30 days I’ve let go around 20 domains that I purchased a year ago.

Even though most of these have been profitable from the point of view that they are bringing in monthly income, it’s just not sensible for me to hold on to these domains because I am looking at much higher-end stuff right now and trying to reduce my dependency on eBay.

In some ways it would make sense to hold a year-old domain because it could have some authority built up on it. And for sure – I am seeing some of my older domains – those that are around 12 to 24 months old – doing well in Google SERP, even though I’ve not done any backlinking for many months.

These older domains seem to gravitate upwards in Google. I think its partly to do with quality content on the site – in the “old days” I had to write everything myself icon wink Add Value to Your Posts in Order to Get Long Term High Google Rankings , and partly to do with maturing backlinks that could well have gained in value.

And back in those days, I was using Unique Article Wizard almost exclusively, so there’s something for you to ponder if you are planning long term for your sites – UAW worked very well then and still works very well now!*

There is a lot to be said for maturing sites and maturing backlinks that hold quality. Google seems to perceive true value here, and that makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

A friend of mine has been utilizing parts of the 40 Day Challenge Warrior Forum system recently for ranking his sites. He used Unique Article Wizard for most of his backlinks and got his site ranking high for his main keyword phrase of choice.

He then flipped his site for a cool $1,000 just the other day. He’s a college kid, so that’s a real nice side-line income! If you want further proof of that you can see his comment on the 40 Day Challenge WF thread near the bottom of page 20.

I received an email the other day from Mike Geary. You may or may not know who Mike is – he’s the guy behind the massively successful Truth About Abs product and website. The email was about some tips regards SEO. Apparently an SEO guy he knows has noticed that Google are de-ranking webpages that have lots of affiliate links on them.

So, say for example I’ve done a review of 4 products on one webpage and for each product I’ve added in 3 links, then its possible that Google are not going to like this and will demote my webpage/s.

I’ve heard something along these lines before from a chap whom I trust pretty much implicitly. He said that in some niches and sub-niches that are really heavily populated with affiliates, Google will be very choosy indeed about who they are going to rank in their SERP. This is of course a very sensible way to do things, so it comes as no real surprise.

So how to combat these issues?


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