Many times people ask “how long do beagles live”, but do we really know it? Beagle is the breed of small scent hound and developed primarily for hunting hare. The origin of the breed is from England. Beagles are small, compact, and active companions for both kids and adults. They are very curious and friendly in nature. Beagle dogs are also known as Hound Dogs.

Beagles are very cheerful, affectionate, very playful, smart, and lovable. Before making the dog a part of the family, the members want to know how long the Beagles will live and about their life expectancy. Pets like Beagles are very beneficial, and before accepting and domesticating them, one should be aware of their health and immune system. This provides information about their average life span. 

Beagles have a strong sense of smell, and they are very good playmates of the children. They are very stubborn and require proper training. Beagles are scared of loud noises and being staying alone. 

Physical Appearance of Beagle

Appearance of Beagle

The overall appearance of Beagle resembles a foxhound with a broader head and shorter muzzle. The size of the legs is shorter compared to their body. They are about 33 to 41 cm in height, and their weight varies from 10 to 20 kg.

The skull of the Beagle is smooth and dome-shaped. They are tricolored with a mixture of white, large black areas, and light brown shading. There is a recent trend of creating designer dogs. Among them, the most famous is the Puggle formed from the cross breeds of Beagle and Pug, Beaglemation formed from Beagle and Dalmatian. 

Average Length of Life of Beagle

Length of Life of Beagle

The lifespan of beagles refers to the maximum number of years a species can live and survive. The Beagle is a rather small dog breed, and smaller breeds live and survive longer. The average Beagle lifespan is about 12 to 15 years. This is a relatively long lifespan for any dog breed. Many Beagles can live well into their teens.

Small dogs like Beagle lives longer compared to bigger dogs. This is because smaller animals have a faster metabolism. Therefore, larger dogs age faster. Sometimes due to Abnormal Cell Growth, death may occur from cancer and other diseases. 

Factors Affecting Beagle’s Lifespan

how long do beagles live
Beagle’s Lifespan

Different health aspects should be noted regarding the lifespan of Beagle. Health problems can be of three types-

  1. Acute Problems- This problem may occur once, which includes any sort of infection or some kind of accident. 
  1. Genetic Problems– Genetic Problems of Beagle are mainly inherited from either one or both parents. Before buying the pet, one should go through a thorough health check-up of the Beagle. Genetic problems are lifelong.
  1. Chronic Problems– Chronic Problems are not genetic but are long-lasting. It includes Diabetes. 

The above factors are responsible for reducing lifespan of a Beagle, and they cannot enjoy their full life.

The chart shows the Diseases and their Negative Impact on Beagle’s Life Span-.   

Beagles are generally considered as jolly and healthy dogs. They are prone to several acute health issues that can affect their longevity.

Canine EpilepsyIf it is left untreated can cause life risk. Seizures due to stroke and tumors cause severe negative impact on their life.
Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD)This neurological disease affects the spinal cords of Beagles. 
Neonatal Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration (NCCD)It mainly affects Beagle puppies and it is hereditary in nature. 
Steroid Responsive Meningitis (SRM)It affects puppies of age 10 months. Here the immune system is attacked and tiny blood vessels line up in the brain and causes swelling swellings.
Canine DistemperIt affects the skin, respiratory, gastrointestinal and immune system of Beagles. There is no treatment for this. 
Obesity. Beagles prone to gain weight as they consume anything at any time. This causes health hazards. 

Average Beagle Life Span

Beagle’s Expected Life Duration

Different dog breeds have their own life expectancy number. The average life expectancy of a beagle actually denotes the average age of the species. It is largely dependent on genetics.

The life expectancy of the Beagle is 12 to 15 years. The average life expectancy is about 13.5 years. If Beagles are well cared for and treated properly, they can live up to 20 years also. 

Causes of Deaths in Beagles

Cancer is perhaps the leading cause of death for Beagles. They are also susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. Although the conditions can be cured through vaccination, with age, the diseases become very acute.

Causes of Deaths in Adult Beagles-

  1. Cancer– Nearly 23.1% of Adult Beagles are affected with this deadly disease. 
  2. Trauma– It causes deaths of 16% of Adult Beagles. 
  1. Neurological disorder– It includes several diseases of the brain and spinal cord. It causes Paralysis, Strokes, Seizures, and Encephalitis. It affects 13% of the Adult Beagles.
  2. Canine Cognitive Disorder– It is related to the aging of the Beagle’s brain leading to loss of memory. 

How Long Do Beagles Live: Causes of Death in Beagle Puppies

There are various causes of deaths among the Beagle Puppies

  • Infection – The majority of Beagle puppies suffer from both bacterial and viral infections. It includes Poravirus that is very contagious, and spreads rapidly. 
  • Trauma-   This is very common among Beagle Puppies. Trauma occurs when they fall down from the stairs suddenly, met with an accident. It can cause severe effects on the puppies. 
  • Congenital Disease- This includes all diseases and health conditions that are hereditary in nature. It includes diseases like liver shunts, heart defects.

Factors for Boosting and Improving Life Expectancy of Beagle

how long do beagles live
Improving Life Expectancy of Beagle

Different factors that are responsible for improving life expectancy of Beagle are-

  • Avoiding of Overfeeding- Obesity is the root cause of the death of Beagles. They are always hungry and constantly search for food. A proper routine should be made regarding the feeding of Beagles. Overfeeding should be avoided by consulting the vet.
  • Providing Healthy Foods– Quality food should be provided to keep them healthy and also to fulfill their hunger. Reducing overweight also reduces the chance of cancer. Economical branded foods are to be given to the Beagles. Quality foods include Tuna, Paprika, fig newtons. Spicy foods should be avoided.
  • Spaying and Neutering– Spaying and Neutering can protect the Beagles from reproductive cancers, which include breast, uterine, testicular, and prostate cancers. Spayed and neutered Beagles live on an average of 1 to 3 years longer than their beagle life expectancy. 
  • Proper Care of the Teeth- Healthy teeth are responsible for achieving a longer lifespan for Beagles. If the teeth are unclean, there will be full of bacteria. It affects the respiratory and digestive tracts. Oral hygiene is essential for a healthy life.
  • Regular Exercises- Beagles need to exercise regularly to maintain their weight. They also need long walks daily, which can keep their joints and muscles healthy.
  • Stress Reduction– Too much stress can threaten the life of Beagles. So, they should be kept stress-free. They should be happy and engaged in playing. 
  • Regular Visits to Vet- Regular vet checkups are very important. Regular checkups can able to diagnose any sort of disease at an early stage.
  • Regular Vaccination- Beagles should be vaccinated regularly as per the advice of the veterinarians. 
  • Vaccination can keep away various deadly diseases and enhance Better Life Expectancy

Beagle Mix: Concept, Categories, Life Span, Health Benefits of Beagle Mix

how long do beagles live
Beagle Mix

When Beagle is bred with another purebred dog breed, Beagle Mixes are formed. Beagle is selected for breeding because of their calm, affectionate, and descent nature. They are very energetic and receive various traits from their parents. To know the lifespan of a beagle mix, keep reading…

The list shows the various categories of Beagle Mix Breed: 

Beagle Mix Breed is a healthier dog with a widened genetic pool. They are very cool and calm but become aggressive due to fear or pain.

Beagle and Yorkshire TerrierBorkie 
Beagle and Labrador Beagador 
Beagle and Basset HoundBagel
Beagle and PugPuggle 
Beagle and Cocker SpanielBocker Spaniel
Beagle and German ShepherdBeagle Shep
Beagle and PitbullBeagle Pit
Beagle and PoodlePoogle 
Beagle and ChihuahuaCheagle 
Beagle and Miniature PinscherMeagle 
Beagle and Welsh CorgiBeagi 
Beagle and DalmatianBeaglemation 

Lifespan of Various Beagle Mix: Know How long Do Each Beagle Mix Live

Beagle Mix Breed possesses comparatively longer lifespan than normal Beagles. They are wonderful creations and are famous as “Designer Dogs”. They have mixed genetic traits.

Borkie Lifespan is about 10 to 13 years.
BeagadorLifespan is about 10 to 15 years.
BagelLifespan is about 12 to 15 years.
PuggleLifespan is about 10 to 15 years.
Bocker SpanielLifespan is about 12 to 15 years.
Beagle ShepLifespan is about 15 years.
Beagle Pit Lifespan is about 11 to 15 years.
PoogleLifespan is about 10 to 13 years.
CheagleLifespan is about 10 to 14 years.
MeagleLifespan is about 12 to 15 years.
BeagiLifespan is about 13 to 15 years.
Beaglemation Lifespan is about 10 to 12 years. 
  • Crossbred Beagles have longer lifespan than the original Beagles as at the time of breeding best, positive traits are inherited to the formed Beagle Mix
  • Before breeding health, checkup and immunity are to be tested.
  • Unhealthy and weak beagles are not selected for cross breeding.
  • Proper care and nurture are provided to the Beagle Mix. 

How Long Do Beagles Live: Summed Up

Average life expectancyof a Beagle is 13.5 years. This is common for all types of Beagle dogs. Beagles are prone to epilepsy which can be cured under proper treatment. The breed is overall healthy. Before domesticating Beagles, one must collect detailed information about their health, immunity, previous diseases. Proper care can increase the Life Expectancy of Beagles.


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