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Is your furry companion sleeping all night long? Do you think it is normal? Well, if your dog is sleeping all day long as well as all night then you must look into this matter. There are a few dog owners and when we have asked them what their dog is doing, they would always reply to sleep. But, why so? To be honest, sleeping every time is not at all a healthy habit for humans then how come it can be normal for dogs?

In general, we have seen that people randomly asking Why Does My Dog Sleep So Much and they have no clue if sleeping more is normal or not. However, most dogs are awake but relaxing all day long and just 20 percent of them stay active. It becomes the new normal for dog owners. On the other hand, older dogs tend to sleep more because they get tired easily and the drowsiness remains the same.

Hence, you need to know how much sleep your dog is required and how long they should sleep. Every dog has their own sleep patterns and you should learn about that before thinking anything further. Let’s not ado further and discuss below.

How Many Hours Do Dogs Sleep?

If you are wondering How Many Hours Of Sleep Do Dogs Need, then you should know their normal sleep cycle and how long you should let them sleep. However, the average dog sleeps for about 12 to 14 hours per day and it’s pretty much normal. You need to notice their activities as in how active they are all day long and how long they are sleeping.

The whole thing will depend on how long they are staying active. Some of the bigger breeds sleep more than normal ones because of some psychological issues. So, if you have a bigger breed then it’s normal they would sleep for more time.

Which Breed Of Dog Sleeps The Most?

Not all dogs have the same sleep routine just like not all of us are the same. Some of us love to sleep more than anything else and beauty sleep is very important for us. So, if you are one of them then you, of course, do not want to ruin your sleep cycle because of your dog. Hence, here we would be sharing eight dog breeds that will sleep and let you sleep.

  • Miniature pinscher
  • Pug
  • Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  • Chow chow
  • Bullmastiff
  • Saint bernard
  • bulldog
  • Bernese Mountain Dog

These eight breeds are known for sleeping most of the time of the day. So, you might go for them.

If you just adopted a dog and he is not yet a dog then you must want to know about Puppies Sleeping cycle so that you can be accustomed to the whole thing. In general, a puppy sleeps for about 6 to 10 hours a night until they are 16 weeks old. Once, they are 16 weeks old they would develop a habit of sleeping during the night.

You should not be surprised if you spot them sleeping all day long because it’s pretty much normal for a puppy. They are more like a baby and they do sleep all day long just like a newbie. You need a nap every now and then and again they are all charged up for playing.

What Time Do Dogs Go To Bed?

Well, there is no such proper answer to this question because some of the owners love to sleep with their dog and some do not. So, if you love to have them beside you while you are sleeping then you should take them to bed when you are going to bed. If that’s not the case then you might make a proper peaceful corner for them.

Let me tell you, dog loves their own corner very much so you should make their bed at a corner and place them there for sleeping. The time should be decided by the owner.

Do Dogs Like Sleeping With Humans?

Yes, they do love sleeping with humans for so many reasons. Being a dog owner you must know that your dog always tries to protect you and keep you happy. If they have seen anyone misbehaving with you then they will bark or do other things. They are very sensitive to their owner. They love sleeping with humans because they admire the protection, warmth as well as closeness.

There might be some other reasons too but I have seen my dog loves to sleep beside me so that they can still take care of me. Where would you find this kind of protection?

How To Make A Dog Go To Sleep?

If you are wondering What Can I Give My Dog To Sleep At Night, then you need to make them a good sleep environment and that’s necessary more than anything else. A good sleep environment is an uttermost thing they required for having a good sleep. Dogs love corner, as we said earlier and you need to make them the one perfect corner.

They need a warm blanket to have a good sleep. Apart from that, you may help your dog to have a low and soothing sound to make them a bit more comfortable. You should not allow any loud sound to disturb their sleep. So far, you must know How Many Hours Of Sleep Does A Dog Need hence, you can be stress-free.

Why Do Dogs Sleep All Day?

Well, if he is a puppy then why are you even worried? Do not your baby sleep a lot especially during the day time? So, puppies are more like your babies and you can expect them to sleep all day long. But if you notice them Dog Screaming In Sleep then they might be suffering from some kind of sleeping disorders and you must consult your vet.

If you have noticed him while sleeping and wondering Why Does My Dog Twitch When He Sleeps then this might be a side effect of their dream and you should not get worried about it. It’s normal in many dogs as they do see dreams while sleeping just like humans.


Dogs are more like human so sleep cycle of them typically depends on sometimes their breed and sometimes, how long they have been playing for. In general, dogs are lethargic and that’s their basic trait so you should not be worried about their sleeping cycle if that’s not something fishy. According to the research, dogs are more likely to sleep all day long and in some cases, if they do not sleep then they often take a quick nap after they are done with playing.

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