Do you think that any animal can be calm during fireworks? Well, NO. Dogs are afraid of fireworks and that’s pretty obvious because that sound is unbearable for humans as well. We have seen a lot of puppies literally run away from houses to get shelter as they can not clearly stand the sound.

If you also notice your dog getting scared when there is cracking firecrackers outside, you should take a few precautions for them. Being a human, we can not understand how hard it is for them to hear the sound and you may compare them with your baby as well, in that case.

Although, we all know fireworks are illegal but do you really think that people would stop cracking them? Honestly, they won’t stop and they haven’t stopped at all. So, we will have to brace ourself and we know it is not going to be easy but will be worth it Hence. We will be sharing some tricks to keep your dog calm o 4th July which is obviously a frightening time for puppies.

How To Calm Dog During FireworksDiscussion
Why Are Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks?There are several reasons and we have mentioned them.
Dog Scared Of FireworksIt’s a natural thing and there are some proven reasons behind it.
How Do I Calm My Dog Down During Fireworks?Well, there are a few ways that we have shared. You should chcek them out!
What Is The Best Calming Aid For Dogs?The best calming aid for your dog would be chillout treats as they are really great.
How Often Can I Give Rescue Remedy To My Dog?This should only be instructed by your vet considering your dog’s stress level.
Bravecto Active IngredientFluralaner is the main ingredient.
Frequently Asked QuestionsWe have discussed some frequently asked questions so that you can get clarity.

Why Are Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks?

How To Calm Dog During Fireworks
How To Calm Dog During Fireworks

Honestly, the sensitivity of a dog is ten times active than any human. That is the biggest reason why your dog starts shaking his head and you will find it absolutely uncertain and new. Well, you will have to understand why even dogs are afraid of fireworks and we will be telling you the reasons.

Your dog can hear a sound up to four times farther away than a human’s hearing and the sounds include fireworks, thunder, gunshots, and others. Even if you have a super aggressive dog, they will also be sacred of these sounds. Another reason they are literally scared of the sounds because they are very sudden as well as unpredictable.

Sometimes the fear can lie in their breed as well. This can be a genetic component and just because their breed couldn’t overcome the fear, they can not do that either. According to the studies, the psychological response would be the same.

These kinds of loud sounds can affect their nervous system and at that very moment, the blood pressure and heart rate will go up. And the signs to identify this situation include panting, whining, shaking, pacing, and more. They would even try to escape the place because of fear and that’s why 5th July is the busiest day.

Dog Scared Of Fireworks:

4th July is going to be the hardest day for you and the reasons are numerous. It is pretty much normal for dogs to be afraid of fireworks but when you will see that the fire gets pretty much prolonged as well as severe then the life of both of yours can be very challenging.

If you are thinking anything else, then let me tell you Dog Fireworks Anxiety is something beyond your imagination and you will not be able to understand it properly. Although, there are plenty of methods that can help you and your dog!

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How Do I Calm My Dog Down During Fireworks?

How To Calm Dog During Fireworks
How To Calm Dog During Fireworks

If you are wondering What Can I Give My Dog To Calm Him Down, then let me tell you we actually have got a few things that can help you to keep your furry companion calm.

  • Distract Your Furry Companion With Tasty Toys:

When there is so much happening outside, you really need to keep the inside ambiance very calm and full of fun. If you keep your dog distracted then they will not get the time to worry about the fireworks. You can give him a good chew to chomp or try to give them a good dog puzzle toy in order to keep him occupied.

Another popular strategy of distracting your dog would be something to give them eat that will last longer. You can try filling a Kong with tasty wet food and then let it get frozen. Your furry companion will definitely spend the new few hours to lick it so, you can stay tension free. Best Dog Calming Treats are already quite popular and the main reason is right in front of you.

Although, we have seen a few dogs who are extremely terrified and they do not even seem interested in eating but it’s not the case with everyone. You just need to develop this fun thing with them to make them accustomed.

  • Desensitize Your Furry Companion:

You can try making them accustomed to whatever is happing outside especially the sound of fireworks. You will find videos on Youtube such as

and there are a lot more available, you can start with them. If you play them at home, they will be accustomed and they will start taking it as fun, not something to worry about, or even getting scared. You can, of course, give them toys to keep them distracted but we think it would be better to make them accustomed.

  • Give Them A Safe Space:

You should provide them with some private space and treat them as humans. When they will hear the sound of fireworks they will find a place for hiding and you should give them that private space. You may get them a crate as you know it is very much effective to give them relief from stress or stressful situation so you may try that.

Apart from that, you should also add a cozy blanket along with a few favorites toys of them. If you create the whole situation, they will feel utterly comfortable and get a place for hiding as well.

  • Make Them Do Exercise:

People use to take their pet to a good long walk and we have found it is pretty much necessary for their mental health as well as their physical health. You should know that a tired dog is always a happy dog, so if you take them to walk or something they will automatically don’t get time fro stressing out. It will prevent your companion from getting anxious and we think it’s a great thing!

You need to remember that a long walk should not take place at the middle of the day, rather the morning walk would be perfect for you and your companion.

  • Keep Updating Your Dog’s Tags And Collar:

As we have mentioned already 5th July is the busiest day because people spent most of the day keep making phone calls and trying to find the missing puppies with their owners. We have seen a lot of puppies run away because of fear and they take shelter somewhere else, in a calm place obviously.

You need to make sure that they are wearing a fitting collar and their ID is updated with all current information so if every they run away, you can get them back. If you already know that there is a high chance they will take away, you should better be geared up with a GPS tracker so that you can locate them easily and bring them back home.

How To Calm Dog During Fireworks
How To Calm Dog During Fireworks
  • Leave The Radio Or TV On:

If you are making them accustomed to the sounds of the fireworks at home, then you should also try this. You should keep your radio or TV on while there are sounds of fireworks outside. If you play some other common sounds then it will not let them concentrate on the fireworks.

Your dog might seem to love music or any soothing soundtrack or radio. You will find everything on Youtube including the NPR radio. You just need to connect it to your device then play from there. There are a few relaxing tunes for dogs available on Youtube.

  • Anti-anxiety Medication Works Great:

Honestly, we have seen that a lot of dog takes it very generously and this is the best way to keep them calm and composed. If you are also looking for Medicine To Calm Dogs Down, then there are a few available such as

  • Diazepam
  • Alprazolam
  • Lorazepam
  • Buspirone
  • Amitriptyline
  • Dexmedetomidine
  • Clomipramine
  • Fluoxetine

Although you will be required a prescription for these, they are the best ones. Also, there are a few non-medical options available too and they are pretty much effective. You can order them online. If you could give a few drops of frankincense essential oil on your dog’s neck then it will help them to keep calm.

Another very popular anxiety medicine is, zesty paws calming chews and it is all-natural infused with L-Theanine in order to promote canine relaxation. So, you can try any of them but if you do not have a prescription then you should go for the natural remedies.

  • You Should Shut The Curtains:

Well, if you shut the curtains and close the windows, then it will minimize the sound of fireworks on 4th July. You need to keep them in a soundproof area so that they can stay away from anxiety. A basement would work effectively and when you are in basement area, you will feel less voice and sound. So, you should move to your basement for that time being.

  • Stay With Your Companion:

We know it’s not possible for everyone but still, you should try to be by their side on the day of 4th July. You can give them the uttermost comfort and there would be less chance for them to get frightened. If even you can not be at home, then you should at least try to set up a camera in order to monitor their activity for the time being.

How To Calm Dog During Fireworks

What Is The Best Calming Aid For Dogs?

We have already shared a few medicines with you that would help your dog to keep calm on 4th July. If you want to try something natural then we would suggest you try chillout treats as they are designed to reduce your dog’s stress level and make them comfortable. Dog Grabbing Firework then you obviously need to take some precautions for them and this is the best one so far.

It will boost the serotonin production of your dog and you will have to give it to them before 30 minutes of any stressful event. So, here you go!

How Often Can I Give Rescue Remedy To My Dog?

How much rescue remedy you should be giving to your dog will depend on the stress level they are having. However, this is something that needs to be provided by your vet but it will not depend on their weight or something like that.

Your vet can suggest the dosage only after checking all the necessary things and you should maintain that strictly. There are some guidelines available online as well, but we will never suggest that because you might be in trouble if the dosage goes any wrong. Hence, know before trying out randomly.

Bottom Line:

Well, we have made everything clear to you like why they are so much afraid and how would you be able to make them feel calm and comfortable. You should definitely try out the things we have mentioned and it will help you a lot. And, you also need to be a bit more attentive towards them especially on 4th July as you know the reason.

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