Do you know how to keep cats off counters? Some people have complained that their cat is a countertop hopper extraordinaire and they spend more time on the countertop or the kitchen table than they do on their bed. If you have tried all sorts of things to keep your cat off counters and the other surfaces as the experts have recommended then read this article to find suitable solutions.

The advised strategies are to use aluminum foil, air puffer, unusual and new cat furniture as recommended by the experts. Some of the most popular methods to solve the question “how to keep cats off counters?” are mentioned further in the article.

Why Do Cats Jump On The Counters?

Why Do Cats Jump On The Counters?

Since climbing is a natural phenomenon for cats and they tend to climb onto the higher ground whenever they feel stressed out. The high vantage points allow the cat to observe the world from a place of safety and they can escape easily if they need to.

If your cat seems very nervous before hopping onto the counter, then it may be time to learn what is stressing them out. Some cats simply jump on the counter because they feel good in doing so.

The felines are physically built to do this that is climb and their springy back haunches and claws are built up for trees, hillsides, and other wild surfaces. Cats have large muscles in their limbs which helps them to extend and lengthen their legs with a shock-absorbing flexible spline.

This stretching, reaching, and jumping onto the countertop is an expression of the excitement of the kitty. This still doesn’t explain why some cats prefer countertops over trees.

The counter might just be out of plain old curiosity and since the cat has always been obsessed with human food, they might be trying to find ways to clean up the dishes or anything else.

How To Stop Cats From Jumping On Counters?

Why Do Cats Jump On The Counters?

To keep the cat off the counter one of the first steps is to make the counter less appealing. The experts have suggested that as responsible pet owners we intend to give the best possible chances to our pets and it might trigger them to not behave well.

To set them up for success, remove the temptation to jump up initially and for some cats, this might mean cleaning up the scraps before the cat can sniff them out. Another potential solution is to install child-proof latches which might keep them out of the cupboards and help in doing the dishes timely.

Lick mats and puzzle feeders are tools that help in redirecting the food-seeking behavior of the cat and if he/she is more driven by curiosity than hunger then a smart solution should be applied.

The cat trees, window perches, and the wall-mounted shelves are great options and the extra curious cat might want to provide all three. There are many different suggestions to keep the climber happy.

Is Aluminium Foil Keep Cats Off Counters?

how to keep cats off counters
Why Do Cats Jump On The Counters?

This is one of the most common “home cures” to solve the problem of counter hopping is putting aluminum foul on the countertops and the common wisdom says that the kitties do not prefer the sensation of foil under their feet.

All the surfaces can be avoided as a result of this and the experience of every cat may vary. The cats have mastered their art of knocking the foil sheets out of the way and people have great success with the foil trick.

Another trick that can be followed is covering the counter with an unpleasant material which is referred to as booby-trapping. It can deter the cats from this unwanted behavior and the basic idea behind this is to make the surface unpleasant for the cats to walk on.

This would hopefully lead them to explore the alternate spots and foil is one of the options but a red carpet can also serve the same purpose.

How To Train Cats To Stay Off Counters?

Why Do Cats Jump On The Counters?

If altering the surface doesn’t work then there is a scent available in the market that might help to keep them off the counter. Several products use pheromones to soothe and deter kitties and the idea is the scent will deter cats while the sound starts them out of unwanted behavior.

The cat-safe spray doesn’t hurt but they need to be used correctly to teach the cats to redirect their curiosity. The use of physical punishment does not help in training your cat but will make her avoid you. 

The cat should not form fearful associations with you and for this, you can try a motion-activated air-blower and the products can shoot a cat-safe blast of the unscented air when the cats cross their paths.

The scent-based deterrent is a diffuser that can release a calming scent and may soothe the cats out of their anxiety.

how to keep cats off counters
Why Do Cats Jump On The Counters?

One should be persistent in their efforts since the cat loves to jump and explore and it is in their nature to jump high. The best way to keep the cat off the countertop means that it should be redirected to another surface.

Be patient and remember that the cat is just a cat and a non-toxic cleaner can be used to wipe off the paw prints from the countertop. To discourage the cats from jumping on the counters and tables and they can leap long distances.

Following all these methods may not prevent the cat from winding up on the counters and tables and in some cases the need to add the deterrents to off-limits areas to make it scary and unwelcoming the pet.

The environmental deterrents are the things that the cat doesn’t like and things like the unpleasant smells or textures and are a great way to keep the cat away from punishing them. One common thing is that it does not involve scaring the cat.

If you want to remove the cat from your counter then, it will jump on the counter when you’re around and if you scare them away then the cat might decide not to the counters. Environmental deterrents help to learn the limits.

Does Aluminum Foil Stop The Cat From Jumping On Counters?

how to keep cats off counters
Why Do Cats Jump On The Counters?

To keep cat off counter with foil and the sounds under their paws, it is an effective deterrent and keeps them off the surface when you do not want them to walk. In this situation, the cat rebounds off the counter as if it was hit by an electric shock as the feet touch the foil.

The cat then scurries out of the room without even attempting a different approach. If the kitchen counters smell good then they are loaded with tempting things to eat then a cat might use them to nibble them.


Some cats are also attracted to the running water in the sink and for man cats, this is their main source of drinking water. The ways which can be used to keep the cats off the countertop are mentioned in the article above.

The deterrents which are preferred over the other possible solutions are very useful and violence should not be used. This might scare off the pet and they would prefer avoiding you rather than being around you.


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