Garden mulches perform several useful functions. Mulches discourage weeds from growing; they help to prevent the soil from compacting; they reduce a number of disease problems; and, because they break the force of heavy rains, mulches also help to protect against soil erosion.

Because mulches are insulators they help to keep your garden soil cool when the weather is warm and warm when the weather turns cool.

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Mulches keep the moisture in your soil even from one part of your garden to another. In addition, because your plants won’t need as much water when you use mulch, it will increase the amount of time that your garden can go between watering. A Mulch bag for sale is readily available in the market from various serviceproviders.

You can either buy mulch by the bagful at a garden store or you can make your own. If you buy it at the store it’s usually comprised of pine straw, wood chips or coarse compost. If you make your own mulch you can grow vegetation specifically for that purpose.

You could also use fallen leaves and tree pruning’s as well as your own compost pile.

Here are a number of ways that you can make your own garden mulch:

Make Mulch from Plants

Either buy or grow any combination of plants that are suitable for mulch. Some plants that are great for making mulch are clover, artichokes, rhubarb, nasturtiums, cardoon and comfrey.

Plant your mulch plants throughout your garden. Plant them amongst the other plants that could benefit from a layer of mulch.

Use shears or garden pruners to cut back the mulch plants by one-third.  This will encourage the plants to grow more foliage that you will then use for the mulch. After cutting back the plants, evenly disperse the cuttings throughout your garden.

Wood Chips

Go to your local hardware store to rent a wood chipper. Since there are quite a few different models and brands to choose from, you’ll need to get handling instructions that are specific to the wood chipper that you rent.

Put the wood chipper on a firm, level surface that is not in a windy area. Make sure that all your pets and children are not near the work area.

Work with a partner who will warn away children and observers and keep your pets at bay. Your partner will also be there to help if an emergency arises.

Stack branches whose diameter isn’t any larger than machine can handle close to the feed slot. Do not use wood from any infested or diseased trees. Pile up any brush that you want to run through the wood chipper as well.

You and your partner should put on protective eye wear, work gloves, work boots and ear plugs.

Position yourself on the side of the chipper that the power switch is on. This way you will be able to turn it off fast.

Slowly feed the branches into the machine. Do not try to jam any branches or brush into the chipper.

Turn the machine off after you’ve finished feeding the brush into the machine.

Wood chips decompose slowly. Therefore, allow them to partially decompose for about a year before you use them as mulch.

After they’ve partially decomposed you can spread the wood chips throughout your garden.

Green Manure Crops

Use a scythe or a weed whacker to slash green manure crops such as grains, grasses, vetches and tall clovers, buckwheat and mustard. The author of “Gaia’s Garden,” Toby Hemenway, recommends that you cut the plants before seed heads have set. This will stop them from becoming weeds in your garden.

Do not use clippings from your lawn if it was treated with a weed killer or an herbicide. If you do, the mulch could kill what you’re trying to grow.

Spread the green manure crop cuttings over your garden beds.

If your mulch looks unattractive you can cover it with a thin coating of wood shavings, pine straw or wood chips.

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