Being a dog owner you obviously know that your dog will lose their hair by shedding. There are some habits of our pets that we are not well-known about them but that doesn’t mean those are anything serious. We know that shedding for a dog is pretty much normal but the frequency and amount of hair shed often depend on their breed type as well as health.

Shedding Dog could be normal but you need to know why they do so and when there is something serious. If you are wondering When Do Dogs Shed then it depends on the season. According to the season especially during winter, a lot of dogs develop thick coats and they generally shed that during spring.

So, you know how the season matters a lot. However, if the dog is mostly kept inside then they will be prone to some kind of similar fluctuations in coat thickness and they will tend to shed all year long. For them, there would be no such Dog Shedding Season and that is going to make a huge deal.

Why Is My Dog Shedding So Much?

If you are wondering why My Dog Is Shedding A Lot, then you should have your reality check. Honestly, this is not something to worry about but you should know a few facts. Let’s chcek out them below

  • Some Breed Will Shed More: Haven’t we already mentioned this? Every dog will shed to some level but you will notice a major difference between the breeds and the amount of fur loss. If you own a dog any of these breeds such as poodle-mixes or poodles then they have a very less shedding habit. Other heavy-coated breeds such as Huskies will shed more than you can even imagine. You will be literally surprised if they have any fur left or not!
  • Dogs Shed For Growing: Do you think that dog’s hair does not grow? The actual fact is, dogs’ hair grows just like humans, and shedding is considered as a normal turnover of hair. So, if you are worried and thinking why My Dogs Hair Is Falling Out, then you should not because very soon they will have new hair. So, shedding is normal so that your dog can be in tip-top condition.
  • Season Change Matters A Lot: We have already mentioned that seasonal changes will make them shed more. Especially during the changing of the season, you will notice them shedding more. The heaviest fur loss season for dogs would be during winter and summer. So, if you are watching them losing a hell lot of hair, you should not worry at all.

You can not do anything to make them stop shedding because that’s their natural habit so being the owner, you will have to learn how to manage it. We know how pathetic it becomes when there is fur all over the house and you can’t really do anything about it.

What Causes A Dog To Shed Excessively?

We have already mentioned that excessive shedding is quite normal for some breeds. Although, this can be a serious medical condition as well. Like, they can shed excessively because of stress or poor nutrition or any other medical issue. Most of the time, this is their natural hair loss process but if you really think that they are shedding excessively then you may consult with the vet.

Sometimes, we have seen that excessive shedding can sometimes be prevented by proper nutrition and you can also get them for your pet. There might be some reasons behind excessive hair loss or bald patches as well. Let’s chcek out them below

  • Fungal or bacterial infection
  • Parasites
  • Kidney, thyroid, or liver disease
  • Food-related allergies and inhalant
  • Certain medications
  • Lactation or pregnancy
  • Cancer
  • Self-induced trauma because of licking
  • Sunburn
  • Immune disease
  • Contact with caustic or irritating substances

Hence, you should also chcek out these if you think that they are excessively shedding then you may take him to the vet.

How To Reduce Or Stop Dogs Shedding?

Honestly, if you are wondering how to Stop Dog from Shedding, then it’s an impossible job. But, yes you can reduce them. There are a few tricks that you could follow to make them shed less.

You might think that bathing is not that important but to be honest, this is important and it will help you to reduce the shedding. You can say that this is one of the Dog Shedding Remedies. The leathering method will help to free the loose hair and you will notice less fur at your home. You can also try combing and brushing them on a weekly basis. We will not suggest you take them to bathe more than once a month.

Grooming is another way that you may follow to get rid of this. If you groom your dog regularly then you will have control over the amount of fur loss. Frequent brushing will literally allow you to loosen as well as remove all kinds of unhealthy hair and disperse the natural oils.

The result will be amazing and your furry companion will be proud of their healthy yet shiny coat.

What Home Remedy Can I Give My Dog For Shedding?

  • ZoomGroom: This is a curry style comb brush that is simply great for removing loose hairs. You can also use it as a massaging tool to keep your dog calm. If you comb them outside of the house, then they will shed but there won’t be that much fur inside, that you are tired of.
  • Furminator: This is the best brush you can have and you will feel the same after using this once or twice. Also, there is a great thing that you should know, it comes with a guarantee of reducing shed up to 90%. Isn’t it great?
  • Sticker Brush: If your dog has thick coats then it will work the best. This one will not only help to remove tangles but also remove the loose hairs.
  • Dematting Comb: This comb is a bit sharp so you need to be very careful while combing their hairs. Otherwise, this is a great one for your purpose also it will help to remove the tangles as well.
  • Grooming Table: A grooming table is very useful and all you will have to do is, make your dog sit on that table and brush your dog. The table will make your job easy and manageable as we all know combing a dog’s hair is the most difficult task.
  • Shedding Blade: This shedding blade features a metal loop band along with small serrated teeth on one side. The teeth will be brushed against the body of your furry companion and remove the loose hairs. This is actually a great thing that you should have.

Hence, that’s all. We have given you a hell lot of options that will help you in so many ways and you should definitely try them. Owning these grooming kit literally make your job easier and you will not have to struggle a lot. We know fur all over the house is literally pathetic and you will be sick cleaning them, natural remedies aka precautions are anytime better than cleaning them. Other than that, there are a few other remedies we will discuss below.

Can Dog Shedding Supplements Help To Stop Shedding?

Well, there are literally a lot of options and you can go for any of them. The supplements will basically help them to grow a good quality of coat.

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: One of the most common and popular supplements to improve the quality of the coat. You already know that omega 3 is derived from fish oil and they are amazingly palatable also. Omega 3 will help them in so many ways and you can also try Ascenta. This is a pharmaceutical quality supplement that contains omega 3 and is very useful.
  • Omega 6 Fatty Acids: You will find it in your dog’s food and they are found very easily. So, whichever food you will buy for your dog, you will get to see this on the ingredient list. So, you may not have to bought any supplement separately because they are already present.

You will have to remember that these will never be going to work immediately and it will minimum take 3-4 months to show the result. So, you need to talk to your vet and discuss the right dosage and then start giving them to your dog from today!

Dog Food That Helps With Shedding:

Food aka nutrition plays the most important role and you will have to accept this fact. This is the biggest reason if your dog is shedding too much. If you think that your dog is shedding too much then you should look into their diet because that’s the starting of everything. If your dog is on an extremely poor diet then they will never ever improve the good quality of coat. Hence, you know the result.

  • Excessive shedding
  • Dry coat
  • Dandruff

If you are wondering if it’s too late then it’s not. You can anytime rectify these things by putting them on a good diet. Healthy food can solve everything. But, you should not switch randomly as they won’t be able to adopt it otherwise. You will have to switch very slowly and let them be accustomed with the new diet. If you switch slowly and then put them on the new diet, they won’t face any kind of problem.

If your dog is suffering from dehydration then also, they can face a major dry coat and it will lead to more fur losing when the season will arrive. You need to make sure that they are having enough water and that too clean water.

Should I Visit A Dog Clinic For Dog Shedding Treatment?

We have already mentioned that this could be a medical problem as well. There are a few conditions such as

  • Open sores
  • Skin irritation including bumps, redness, and rashes
  • Dry and dull hair
  • Thinning of coat
  • Scratching
  • Constantly licking feet or rubbing the face

If you notice any of these, then there is a high chance that is a medical issue. You may take them to the vet. We would never suggest you give any supplement without asking your vet because the dosage should be told by your vet only. So, you should not take any kind of risk.

How Would You Be Able To Reduce The Amount Of Fur In Your Home?

Dog Vitamins For Shedding should be included in their diet so that you can make it less. But, you can also think otherwise. What if you are not able to deal with the fur and your home is literally getting filled with that? You need a solution and you need to maintain a few things to stay out of this.

  • You Need To Vacuum Your Dog: Well, you need to start giving training your dog on vacuuming. It is not going to be done over one day but it will take time. Once you will groom them and remove the loose hairs, you need to grab the vacuum brush that is designed for your dog only and then follow the procedure. Although you will have to train them otherwise it won’t be possible.
  • Brush Them Outside: You should not really groom them inside because you want your home to be fur-free so you will have to maintain this. You obviously do not need fur everywhere like on the couch or furniture. You should rather take them outside and start grooming.
  • Hammocks And Car Covers: There are hammocks available for your dog so that your back seat is safe and there is no fur found. You need to have this if you take out the outside.
  • Pet’s Vaccum: There are some vacuums available that will help you to pick up the dog’s hair. You should have that if you have a dog in your home. If you will compare this vacuum with the normal ones then you will see it’s too powerful than those and it will clean everything.
  • Choose Dog-Friendly Furniture: There are a few materials that is more like dog-friendly and if you own a dog then you should go for them. Choosing fabrics are so much important when you have a dog.

Hence, you should not be worried and choose whatever will suit your dog and you need to take care of things because your dog is going to shed anyway!

Bottom Line:

We have explained our part and being a dog owner we have seen that this kind of situation, you do not have any control over. You will have to keep an eye on them and choose everything accordingly. If you think that your dog is shedding too much then you may consult with the vet.

Your vet would be the right person who can tell you about your dog’s excessive shedding as you know not necessarily it has to be some kind of medical issue but that’s just their breed. Hence, before reaching the conclusion you really need to discuss and then think if it’s right or not.

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