You remember all the sleepless nights when we used to stay awake just because of ear pain-causing water or something? Well, I too have faced this and know how painful it could be. Hence, we can at least talk about our problems or pains but what about dogs? How To Treat Dog’s Ear Infection and Dog Ear Infection Treatment needs to be as early as you will notice the symptoms, maybe they are already in a lot of pain!

There are so many reasons behind the ear infection including fleas, food allergies, medications, and even bacteria. They easily trigger your dog’s ear and develop infection and the basic symptoms include shaking his head, scratching, whimpering, and many minor things.

There might be a foul discharge from your dog’s ear, that even refers to an infection. However, if your dog is already diagnosed with an ear infection then we will be sharing some of the great homemade solutions so that you do not have to visit the vet. Let’s not ado further and check the necessary information related to this.

How To Treat Dog Ear Infection Without Vet?

There are a hell lot of effective home remedies that can be used if your dog is having an eat infection. Not every time, you need a vet to treat them as giving them medicine for every purpose is not at all a good idea. The medicine contain a high dose will eventually make them weak where the homemade treatment is foolproof. Hence, let’s check out the three types of ear infections that are common in the dog.

Three types of ear infections:

The reason we have already discussed and now look into the types of infections below.

  • Bacteria: If the immune system of your dog is not that strong then they will be more prone to bacteria for obvious reasons.
  • Yeast infection in the dog’s ear: Fungi infections are pretty normal and you should know that there are fungi present in your dog’s skin but it doesn’t always cause infection. Although, they can cause infection in certain situations and this infection is very common.
  • Mites: This is a type of parasites and your dog can catch them by any sort of direct contact with any other infected animal.

Hence, you are now known with the types as well as reasons behind this uninvited ear infection but you can not let your dog deal with it at any condition. They can not express what they are exactly going through and that’s the reason we should be more attentive towards them.

You should never miss out on any of the symptoms otherwise it will lead to something horrible.

How To Treat Dog Ear Infection Naturally?

However, there are so many Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infections that will never create the need to visit the vet. You can simply treat the infection by yourself if you follow these remedies.

We would suggest you go for the Homeopathic Remedy For Dog Ear Infection as this is considered as a natural treatment. But, you need to remember that if you could only notice the infection at the very beginning, then you can give it to them.

There is a homeopathic medicine named “ear infection”, it helps in the healing process and soothes the itchiness in your dog’s ears so that they can sleep peacefully. It also cures any sort of redness as well as inflammation. So, you can try your hands in this medicine to get the best possible result within a short time span.

Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infection:

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy is one of the things asked by most of the dog owners because they can not every time take them to the vet and that’s the only reason. While taking out time will seem difficult, you can try some of the home remedies that will positively treat the ear infection. Let’s check out below!

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is a great choice:

A natural product but recommended by so many dog owners. You already know that vinegar can act as a great cleanser that also contains a high level of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. Moreover, there can be found a high level of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar that can also be found in different types of ear cleaner.

You simply need to take a cotton pad and mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of water and then dip the cotton pad into that formula. Now, you need to take the cotton pad out of the formula and use it to clean your furry companion’s ears. Sometimes, this remedy can make your dog’s ears itchy and red. If you see anything like that, you should rinse it with clean water immediately.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide can be used:

If you think that applying cider vinegar would not be a good option for then you might try this. In our childhood days, parents used to follow this technique to clean our ears. However, a few vets might say that this process is a bit risky and you should avoid it. But, my personal experience is a bit different.

I have used a similar quantity of peroxide and water and it has worked as the best killer of bacteria till date. You could simply follow the same process as apple cider vinegar and clean your dog’s ears with this.

  • Coconut oil can do magic:

Coconut oil can do a hell lot of things and you do not yet know the true goodness of this thing. However, you need to be a good chef to follow this remedy as it has a proper recipe that needs to be followed.

You need to mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil along with garlic and put them on steam in order to create a great antibacterial solution. You need to keep the flame low.

Let it get cold and then you can use this mixture to clean your dog’s ears by a cotton ball. You will see such amazing results given by coconut oil.

Well, now you know the home remedies that are so popular among the dog lovers and they absolutely love these remedies. However, you can try giving your furry companion Vitamin C on a regular basis. It will help in preventing any sort of fungi infection and ensure good health at the same time.

Apart from that, you already know that Vitamin C is popular for boosting the immune system and it will also increase the secretion of the adrenal glands. So eventually, they can stay away from infections. 

Dog Ear Yeast Infection Home Remedy:

If your dog is having a yeast infection then you should never try that apple cider vinegar or peroxide remedies as it will lead to more inflammation and not at all help in curing. Although, we have a solution along with the coconut oil one. Coconut oil can be used for this condition and it will definitely help but the other one is mentioned below.

  • You can simply apply a warm compress in your furry companion’s ears plenty of time and you can also repeat it in a day. The compress will help in cure as well as alleviates the pain that is caused by the infection. An ear infection can give them a major pain and it will definitely make them weak at the same time. So, you should be taking good care. 

However, you should not be worried because this is nothing extraordinary and they are very common among dogs. So, you just need to have the proper information in order to treat the infection.

Dog Itchy Ears Shaking Head Home Remedy:

Itchy ears or shaking head is basically a common symptom among dogs if they are suffering from an ear infection. In case, you notice your dog doing these things more than two times, you should take it seriously and be confirmed that it’s nothing but an ear infection. You already have the list of home remedies that you can follow to get the best result.

Following the home remedies or even homeopathic medicine can give your dog get rid of the inevitable pain that they have been dealing with since you didn’t even notice. So, the rest will be up to you. 

My Dog Has An Ear Infection Any Home Remedies?

Of course, there are a hell lot of home remedies that we have discussed in this article, you need to read them very well. In fact, you search yourself to read the cautions and then go for it. However, we did not get any side effects or something like that can harm your pet. Just that the apple cider vinegar and the peroxide ones can not be applied on dogs if the reason behind their ear infection is, yeast.

If you do so without researching, it will turn into a horrible result, and then you might need to take them to the vet, so, it’s better to avoid.

Natural Cure For Dog Ear Infection:

Natural cure can be homeopathy medicine if you are a super busy person and right now it’s almost impossible for you to take them to the vet, then you can go for the homeopathy medicine. That medicine has no such side effect and you can totally rely on that.

There are people who do not want to go for home remedies, they can also try their hands in this homeopathy medicine. If they do so, they will be satisfied too and of course, the medicine will cure the infection in a short time span.

Homemade Dog Ear Cleaner:

If you want to make a great ear cleaner for your dog then you can get it in the vet’s clinique but in case, you want to make it at home. Then it’s nothing difficult, you can simply follow the apple cider vinegar or the peroxide recipe and it can turn into a perfect ear cleaner.

However, you should never wash too often if your dog already has an ear infection, it will lead to a negative result. Rather you should use it maximum twice a week and after applying that, you need to give a good ear massage to them, and then if they want to shake their head, you can let them!

How To Treat Dog Ear Infection Without Vet?Discussion
How To Treat Dog Ear Infection Without Vet?There are a lot of home remedies and we have discussed it here.
How To Treat Dog Ear Infection Naturally?You can go for homeopathy medicine, we have mentioned the name as well.
Home Remedies For Dog Ear InfectionThere are plenty of remedies, you should check out!
Dog Ear Yeast Infection Home RemedyYou should never follow the apple cider vinegar remedy.
Dog Itchy Ears Shaking Head Home RemedyThese are the common symptoms of the infection.
My Dog Has An Ear Infection Any Home Remedies?Yes, we have discussed a few.
Natural Cure For Dog Ear InfectionTry the homeopathy one for quick improvement.
Homemade Dog Ear CleanerApple cider vinegar recipe has been shared by us.


If you are wondering that an ear infection is something very serious or not, then let me tell you that it might be common but it can still be dangerous. So, it would be better to notice them if there is any sort of symptom of infection such as shaking head or smell, you can start trying the home remedies and see the result. You might get the result within two days but if you do not get any satisfactory result, then you should take them to the vet.

In that case, medicine will be the only option left and you should not rely on the home remedies anymore as it will literally lead to something very dangerous otherwise.

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