Note: Frontline is no longer available in the market, the better version named “Frontline Plus” works with excellence.

K9 Advantix Vs Frontline Plus, do you know the difference? Protecting your furry little companion from that load of troublesome bugs that plague their lives is fundamental for a glad and sound puppy, do not you agree? If yes, here are two of the more famous treatment alternatives, Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix.

Every treatment alternative offers various methodologies in getting your family free from the hazardous path of flea and tick pervasion. The table on K9 Advantix vs Frontline Plus and extra data underneath will help you settle on an educated choice on which item to purchase. So, read on!

What Are The Differences Between K9 Advantix And Frontline Plus

Regardless of whether they have a few similitudes, K9 Advantix and Frontline Plus are not quite the same as they are alike. The ingredients, the treatment procedure, the sort of prescription, and the time it takes to show curing effects are among the few contrasts between these two items.

K9 Advantix Vs Frontline Plus: Proficiency

Advantix claims insects are dead within 12 hours, and treats bug hatchlings, and repulses gnawing flies and sand flies. Frontline Plus claims that fleas bite the dust within 18 hours of beginning the treatment, and ticks within 48 hours. The two of them keep laboring for a month.

Pet proprietors to a great extent report comparative viability for both Advantix and Frontline PLus. At the point when an item does not appear to be working, it very well maybe because the bug has created protection from the synthetic substances in the item. In any case, a significantly more probable cause is that as pests are killed, new fleas and ticks taint the canine, making it hard to dispose of the pervasion.

Pests They Safeguard Against

Advantix is best suggested in regions pervaded with flies and mosquitoes. It shields pets from insects, ticks, mosquitoes, and biting lice. It likewise repulses ticks, bugs, mosquitoes, and fleas that nibble. As well as disposing of insects, ticks, and biting lice, Frontline Plus keeps fleas from laying new eggs.

Risks And Safety

Neither product should be utilized on canines under 8 weeks old. Advantix has the more viable pesticides and is lethal to felines. Youngsters ought to be kept away for a few days since, supposing that they contact the pet and afterward neglect to clean their hands before eating food; they could ingest a portion of the harmful synthetics.

Felines ought to likewise be avoided any canine that has been treated with Advantix. Canines may lick themselves and be presented to the poisons as well.
Frontline utilizes two pesticides, thus youngsters ought to be kept away from the application region for two or three days. Be that as it may, Frontline is alright for pregnant ladies to apply on the pet. Both K9 Advantix and Frontline can cause skin aggravation on the site of use.

Step By Step Instructions To Apply And Bathe

Albeit the two items are water safe, the pet ought to be washed either before applying or a few days later. After this period, they are fine for showers, swimming, or blustery climate. A non-cleanser is suggested to bathe the canine with.

Dynamic Ingredients

Advantix has two active ingredients: Imidacloprid (8.80%) and Permethrin (44.0%). Advantix II contains a bug development controller called pyriproxyfen which kills flea eggs and hatchlings. It likewise has undisclosed “different ingredients.” These fixings cooperate to overpower parasites’ invulnerable immune systems.

Frontline has one dynamic ingredients: Fipronil (9.8%). After Frontline is applied, Fipronil is stocked in the canine’s oil glands, from which it is dispersed through the hair follicles. It assaults the sensory system of grown-up fleas and ticks.

Types And Measurements

The items are comparative; dosages depend on the canine’s weight. Advantix is accessible in a few varieties: green (canines up to 10 lbs), greenish-blue (canines 11-20 lbs), red (canines 21-55 lbs), and blue (canines more than 55 lbs). Frontline is accessible for grown-up canines and puppies up to 22 lbs, canines from 23-44 lbs, 45-88 lbs, and 89-132 lbs.


Evaluating for the two items is tantamount, and relies on the size of the canine, the amount of items, and fluctuates by the manufacturing company. A bunch of 6 applicators of Frontline for canines gauging 0-22 lbs costs $63 on Amazon. A bunch of 4 applicators of Advantix for canines of 0-10 lbs costs $43.18 on Amazon. Both expense more for much larger canines.

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K9 Advantix Vs Frontline Plus: Summed Up

So, that was all the information on the two widely used preventions for ticks and fleas. Hopefully, this article assisted you in choosing the best one for your canine. Until next time pals!

FeaturesK9 AdvantixFrontline Plus
Works On FleasYes, Kills And RepelsYes
Works On TicksYes, Kills And RepelsYes
Works On LiceYesYes
Works On Flea EggsNoNo
Works On Biting FliesYes, Repels But Does Not KillNo
Kills MosquitoesYes, Kills And RepelsNo
Safe For Young DogsNot Under Eight WeeksNot Under Eight Weeks
Safe For Pregnant WomenNoYes
Safe For FelinesNoYes
K9 advantix vs frontline

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