This contagious upper respiratory infection is mainly caused by a combination of viruses and bacteria. We know how the bacteria and viruses always keep affecting your dog and that’s why you are worried about them, just like we are. This condition will occur mostly if you have let your pet be in a crowded or poorly ventilated area. Poor ventilation reflects kennels and shelters. So, you know why the name is kennel cough.

Kennel cough, in general, includes dust, cold temperature, cigarette smoke, and other forms of dust. If your dog spends a hell lot of time at dog parks then the chances are high for your furry companion. However, if you are wondering how serious is this cough then you can sure that it is not that serious and it might be resolved on its own in 10-14 days. Still, in some cases, we have seen that it might last longer and then there is something to worry about. Let’s not ado further and check out below.

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What Does Kennel Cough Sound Like?

In case you are wondering “Do Dogs Cough” then the answer would be yes they do. Being a dog owner we too take a few months to understand their cough. So, if you are a beginner then it would take time for you as well. Many people are wondering how does it sound, well it sounds like the regular and mild but at times, it can get worse. If your pet is having dry cough followed by retching or gagging, then they are suffering from kennel cough.

Why Is My Dog Coughing?

If you want to know the causes then we have already mentioned it above. This condition occurs when there is a combination of viruses and bacteria is effecting your pet. The viruses are reovirus, adenovirus, mycoplasma, and distemper virus. However, the strange part is, all of the viruses can be present in any particular dog’s body as well.

Mostly you can say that playing in a crowded place including stress, plays a major behind your pet getting affected by this. In fact, sometimes the weather might also be responsible for this. Although, this condition is not too serious. but it would be better to look out for prevention. Even if you visit the vet, they will prescribe some common Cough Medicine For Dogs.

Symptoms Of Kennel Cough in Dogs:

Treating Kennel Cough is not that difficult rather you just need to take proper care for this condition. If your companion is affected by this cough then there are a few common symptoms that you will notice

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low fever
  • Strong cough with a “honking” sound.

Hence, the strong cough that too with the honking sound is the most obvious symptom and you need to notice them closely when they will be coughing. You can use Cough Syrup For Dogs without even visiting your vet as they are safe.

Dog Coughing Allergies:

Well, this is a different scenario and normal coughing allergies can not be compared with the kennel cough. If you are a dog owner for at latest a few months then you will be able to identify it easily. If they are having normal coughing allergy then you can give them Cough Tablets For Dogs and they will be fine within a few weeks.

Allergies are generally associated with food, mostly. So before you think of considering it as a cough allergy, you should be noticing closely and find out the problem. 

What Home Remedy Can I Give My Dog For Coughing?

There is a very effective home remedy that all the dog owners have to swear by. You can always go for the allopatric treatment and for the long run, it would be best to go for the natural treatment. You should try honey and coconut oil for kennel cough treatment as honey soothes the throat along with doing so many other things.

Your dog will definitely enjoy honey’s taste and you can easily mix the honey with powdered herbs as it will give you the best result. Honey is totally safe so there is no such specific dose and you can give it to them twice or thrice.


You should follow the things we have mentioned and the sources, your dog can get affected. If you think that some of your room is full of dust and you can not help it, then you should just use herbal diffusers as it will clean the air of that room and your dog can stay there happily. You should not even let them play in the community for so long as it would lead to coughing. Precausing would always be better than cure and you should focus on precaution so that you do not have to be worried.

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