It is a long time ago I have not posted on this blog and many of my friends were concerned whether this blog was still under my control or it has been transferred to a new owner? I know it is my fault for not being active with my blog so far and I had my own reason to do so. I hope you guys will understand and respect my decision. I am now back on board with a small giveaway to those who have been looking for it.

Hosting plays a vital role to any internet marketers or bloggers who are running blogs or websites for profits on the internet. Low hosting service will possibly affect your business including loss of sales, clients, and revenue. That’s why we have to carefully choose a reliable hosting service for our blog regardless of its price. You get what you pay for is always right!

Most small and medium blogs/websites are now hosted with a shared hosting service which is limited to resources and if your website has a huge amount of traffic per day, a shared hosting account can unlikely handle or your website will load very slowly.

This would possibly affect your SEO efforts (in terms of speed) or even your hosting account will be in danger of suspension or termination. “Unlimited” in the hosting industry does not mean unlimited resources you can use for your account.

It is still limited to a certain % of CPU resources that you can use or queries per time. Most webmasters choose the VPS service to have more CPU resources when they have more traffic to websites/blogs.

Managed VPS Account For AZBlogTips
Managed VPS Account For AZBlogTips

The more resource added to your account, the higher amount of fees you will be charged. Many bloggers can’t afford the VPS service as it is usually at least 2 times higher than the shared hosting package. But, if you are looking for a VPS service or you would like to experience VPS before your switch, we would like to offer you 4 months of free managed VPS account for FREE.

It is good news for AZBlogTips’ readers as the FtpIT company is willing to offer you one free managed VPS account for 6 months of service FREE. That means, every month, I will select one lucky reader to offer this package. Here is the detail of the free managed VPS package you will get:

  • VPS Hosting – VPS3
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 80 GB disc
  • 3 TB bandwidth
  • 3 CPU core
  • 2 IPs
  • Free Full Management

See other VPS packages that FtpIT is now offering to their clients.

The package offered to the lucky reader will be worth $270 and you can use it for 4 months since the account is created. It is enough for you to experience VPS managed service and see the differences between VPS and shared hosting.

How to get a free managed VPS account every month?

As I mentioned above, this giveaway will be organized every month on AZBlogTips and sponsored by FtpIT company. If you are not lucky for this month, no worries, you will have many months ahead to be selected with a simple criteria:

Tweet and share this post on Twitter and Facebook

Sign up to the giveaway list (required for selection process)

Managed VPS Account For AZBlogTips
Managed VPS Account For AZBlogTips

After you have done both of them, please comment using your valid email address that you have subscribed to our list so we can validate and send the account details if you are selected for the month.

Want to learn more about free managed VPS? See the video below for more details:

Again, thanks to FtpIT for a great offer to AZBlogTips readers and I hope to bring more benefits to you all in the future.

Updated: To offer more readers testing out this free managed VPS service with agreement from FtpIT, we have just decided that we will give away 3 accounts each month and each account will be 4 months instead of 6 months. This is good as more accounts giveaway each more means more people have opportunities to test out this service.


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