Sneezing is considered a very normal occurrence in the case of dogs, but if the dog has been sneezing excessively it may be a cause for concern. Many people have been concerned and have been asking the reasons behind the “my dog keeps sneezing” problem.

It is very important to distinguish between a playful dog sneezing versus the indicator of a bad health condition. Some of the common reasons as to why the dog may sneeze a lot, what to do if the dog sneezing doesn’t stop, and when to take the dog to the veterinarian are discussed further in the article.

Why Is My Dog Sneezing So Much?

My Dog Keeps Sneezing
My Dog Keeps Sneezing

The list below will help to narrow down the causes which may cause the dog to sneeze-

 1. Allergies

If the dog is sneezing, then sometimes it might be an indication of environmental allergies, and the sneezing may be in addition to the other allergies like watery eyes, scratching, and licking.

2. Reverse Sneezing

The phenomenon of reverse sneezing is interesting in the case of the dogs as it occurs as a response to the excitement caused due to the irritants or inflammation. In such cases, the dogs may exhibit repeated and sudden inhalations through the nose making weird sounds.

It may look like they are having trouble breathing and petting the dog may calm them down and resolve the behavior.

3. Play Sneezing

In many cases when the pet owners have complained about the dog sneezing a lot, they do it as a sign of happiness. This might alert the other dogs to playful behavior. If during a playdate, your dog exhibits playful behavior then it is not a symptom of any health problem.

4. Foreign body

Sometimes, the dog may get a piece of foreign material stuck in its nose which may lead to severe irritation. The materials which might trigger this are blades of grass, sticks and it might cause continuous discomfort and sneezing.

5. Airborne irritants

Some of the dogs are sensitive to irritants like pollens or dust. This might be the reason why the “dog sneezing uncontrollably” issue comes up. The small particles get trapped in the nasal passages or the pharynx inciting a sneeze. 

Some of the common irritants include the scented candles, perfume, air fresheners, or cleaning products.

6. Nasal Infection

The respiratory infections may be a cause of the dog sneezing and it can be because of fungal or bacterial. It can also originate in some cases from a tooth root and if the dog has any kind of nasal infection, then there would be additional symptoms.

These symptoms may include a bloody or mucoid discharge, a lack of appetite and the owner needs to pay attention to such symptoms.

7. Nasal Tumor

In dogs older than 7 years, nasal tumors are very common. The symptoms of this tumor include increased sneezing over time, and they may cause bleeding on one side of the nose. 

In such cases, it is important to consult a veterinarian.

8. Nasal Mites

In the case of the dog excessive sneezing, the reason may be the presence of nasal mites. These are small bugs that may cause severe irritation and that is why dogs often rub their nose in the dirt.

The irritation and inflammation can be caused by the insects and a bloody discharge may come from the dog’s nose in addition to the frequent sneezing.

Why Is My Dog Sneezing And Coughing?

My Dog Keeps Sneezing

What if the dog is not just sneezing but has other symptoms attached to it? In some cases, the sneezing blood comes out which is a very important sign of a problem in the nasal passage of the dog. Some of the most common causes of this include foreign bodies, nasal tumors, bacterial and fungal infections.

If your pet dog is sneezing as well as coughing then, it may be a sign of an underlying health problem. Some of the possible causes of the symptoms include severe bacterial and fungal infections, influenza, respiratory problems.

What Can I Give My Dog In Case Of Excessive Sneezing?

Many people have been asking “ my dog is sneezing what can I give him?”. There are multiple causes of the dogs sneezing excessively and some cases require further treatment. One may be tempted to reach over for the human products which may provide some relief but they should consult a veterinarian.

To determine the underlying cause of the problem, it is important to conduct a proper medical test.

When Should I Take My Dog To The Vet?

My Dog Keeps Sneezing
My Dog Keeps Sneezing

Many people have asked,” why my dog is sneezing and coughing so much, what can I do?”. In case of occasional sneezing, the dogs do not require a vet visit and in some cases, a trip to the vet may let you know everything wrong. Some of the cases in which one must visit a vet-

  • If there is a thick nasal discharge/blood or swelling in the nasal passage, fever, lethargy then it is better to go to a vet for a possible examination.
  • Frequent sneezing in the dogs may be a cause and it may make it very necessary to go testing.
  • If the dog is experiencing some serious signs of allergies, then an appointment should be made for further care. The signs may be itching, licking, scratching.

What Is The Difference Between Dog Sneezing And Snorting?

It can sometimes become difficult to tell the difference between dog sneezing and snorting. To differentiate, sneezing is an outward expulsion of air and snorting is the process of drawing air in. It comes with an accompanying sound. 

Snorting is the most common in case of the brachycephalic dogs and in animals who are overweight having underlying medical conditions.

What Is A Dog Symptom Checker?

My Dog Keeps Sneezing

A Pet Health Checker tool can help one decide if the symptoms require immediate treatment or if one should continue to monitor those symptoms at home. Click on the dog or cat to identify the type of pet that one has and enter the symptom to continue looking for the problems.

This helps in knowing the intensity of the disease or the sneezing that is present at the moment and the kind of treatment that it requires.


Dogs can sneeze because of the irritants or the foreign bodes which are inhaled into the nasal passages. The dogs may sniff around and the body may expel them. The inhaled allergens such as grass and pollen may lead to the sneezing issue.

Dogs can also have nasal mites which can cause nasal discharge and sneezing. One of the most common causes of dog sneezing is the inhalation of foreign bodies, nasal mites, or a tumor. If the pet is incessantly sneezing accompanied by a discharge, then it is important to consider a vet and take a proper treatment.

It does not tend to mean that your dog has a cold like in humans. The dogs might sneeze for a large variety of reasons like dust or maybe something more serious like an allergy or infection. They might sneeze to expel the irritant like the humans.


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