Cholesterol can be both friend and foe as there are two types of cholesterol that develop in the human body. One is the LDL cholesterol that is the bad and the other is HDL cholesterol which is good cholesterol.

However, both of them at the normal level is good, but when it starts increasing it causes several negative health effects.

If a person has high LDL levels he would be associated with an increased risk of blocked arteries and heart attack and more of HDL in the body is also a silent danger.

Still HDL does not harm much, but lowering the LDL cholesterol is a must and for this limited intake of food will help a lot.


Sometimes obesity also increases the bad cholesterol level in the body and abnormal cholesterol can result is various types of diseases in the body like kidney disease, liver disease, underactive thyroid gland etc.

Something that can help you to manage the situation is the right diet, timely exercise, quit of smoking, drinking, and other bad habits.

Food really matters in increase or decrease of cholesterol like all fat associated food meat, eggs and cheese are the greatest sources of cholesterol.

Natural Superfoods to Lower Down Cholesterol Level

Whatever may be the situation we should move towards the solution and reduce the cholesterol in our body. Here we have a list of food items which can be taken to become cholesterol free and healthy.

lower cholesterol with oatmeal

No matter what are the benefits of the oatmeal it is a very fine way to start a day. Oatmeal is soluble fiber which has the capacity to lower the cholesterol as the fiber present in this ingredient.

when reaches the intestine avoid from sticking the intestine wall and thus do not absorbs and you get rid of the waste and the result is this cholesterol untenable to reach the arteries.

Oatmeal in your regular breakfast can reduce the cholesterol up to 5-8%. Further, there are many soluble fibers like the oatmeal that can help you reduce the cholesterols along with numerous heart diseases.

Include a bowl of oatmeal in your day plan and lower the cholesterol.

Natural Superfoods to Lower Down Cholesterol Level

avocados for cholesterol-722×406

Researchers have found that Avocados is useful in regulating the blood and cholesterol as it has more than 20 health-boosting nutrients available in it and is very rich in vitamin, mineral, and fats.

The most important power of Avocados is the fiber that absorbs cholesterol absorption in the body like oatmeal does.

The nutrients of banana, Vitamin E, and B, potassium is found in the double amount of this ingredient along with the Folic acid. Avocados are the heart healthy monounsaturated fat and eating this per day is part of a healthy diet.

salmon omega-3-rich lowers cholesterol

Taking fish every week that too grilled which could be very beneficial for the health and can improve the heart. However, concentrate on those fishes that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which has the capacity to reduce the risk of blood pressure and heart attacks.

According to the American Heart Association, taking two serving of fish in a week benefits the heart of an individual.

However, fishes do not have the highest connection with the heart than LDL cholesterol, but it helps in lowering the triglycerides and boost the HDL that is the good cholesterol in the body.

Take fishes that have highest amount of omega-3 fatty acid found like Mackerel, Lake trout, Herring, Sardines, Albacore tuna, Salmon, and Halibut.

Make sure you take grilled fish to avoid fat

Further, you can consult the doctor for how much fish you should take and what other fish can be included.

almond and nuts

Walnuts, nuts and almond are really beneficial for improving the blood cholesterol as this edible stuff are rich in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acid which is supposed to keep the blood vessels healthy.

However, there are so many benefits of it, but avoid taking too much of nuts as this increased fat in the body which will be more problematic.

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