Protecting your furry little companion from that load of troublesome bugs that plague their lives is fundamental for a glad and sound puppy, do not you agree? If yes, here are two of the more famous treatment alternatives, Frontline Plus and NexGard Chewable Tablets.

Every treatment alternative offers various methodologies in getting your family free from the hazardous path of flea and tick pervasion. The table on NexGard vs Frontline Plus and extra data underneath will help you settle on an educated choice on which item to purchase. So, read on!

What Are The Differences Between Nexgard And Frontline Plus?

Regardless of whether they have a few similitudes, NexGard and Frontline are not quite the same as they are similar. The ingredients, the treatment procedure, the sort of prescription, and the time it takes to show curing effects are among the few contrasts between these two items.


Above all else, NexGard is a meat seasoned chew managed orally, while Frontline is an effective arrangement applied straightforwardly to the canine’s skin. While the two items kill fleas and ticks, Frontline can repulse bugs, also, which means they do not need to chomp your puppy for the product to work. Thusly, Frontline forestalls the bothering brought about by flea bites.

Water Resistant:

Since it is anything but an effective item, Frontline should be applied when your little guy is dry, and it should stay dry for 24 hours after application. NexGard, nonetheless, is unaffected by water, and your canine can get wet preceding or after taking NexGard.


NexGard starts killing bugs four hours after organization, approaching the greatest results within eight hours post-treatment. Nexgard is the lone FDA-supported choice for forestalling contaminations that cause Lyme sickness. However Frontline works quicker, beginning to kill fleas only 30 minutes after application.

Ease On Purchase:

NexGard is a professionally prescribed medication, which implies that a medical prescription from a veterinarian is important to buy it. Then again, Frontline is an insect spray and does not need a prescription to get it over-the-counter.


As a physician recommended drug, NexGard’s dynamic fixing is Afoxolaner, a prescription viable in killing insects and ticks. Frontline Plus utilizes a triple activity formula with three diverse insect spray fixings called Fipronil, (S) – Methoprene, and Pyriproxyfen which is an enemy of parasites combined with a bug development controller.

This is powerful by disturbing the focal sensory system of the creepy crawlies which brings about death. It has the additional advantage of wiping out lice, in contrast to Nexgard. These fixings cooperate to repulse and kill fleas, bug eggs, and insect hatchlings.


Frontline is declared to be safe for use in rearing, pregnant, and lactating canines, though NexGard has not been assessed for safe use in these canines.


Lastly, of these two items, Frontline is more affordable as it is less exorbitant in both the three and six-portion packs. Likewise, per treatment, Frontline costs roughly four dollars lesser than NexGard, making it more financially savvy regardless of the size or amount bought.

Check out both these products below!



Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus

Last Thoughts On Frontline Plus And Nexgard

With Frontline Plus being promptly accessible, and the necessity for a solution with Nexgard, the expense between the two is a perceptible one. Nexgard works quicker than its OTC partner.

Some pet proprietors may begin with Frontline Plus and afterward change to Nexgard when capable. Also, some pet proprietors may select to switch over Frontline Plus to safeguard reproducing, pregnant, and lactating canines.

If you have inquiries on which oral insect and tick treatment is most appropriate for your pet’s needs, you can always visit veterinarians who will surely assist you.


So, that was all the information on the two widely used preventions for ticks and fleas. Hopefully, this article assisted you in choosing the best one for your canine. Until next time pals!

FeaturesNexgardFrontline Plus
Kills FleasYesYes
Repels FleasNoNo
Kills Flea Eggs and LarvaeYesYes
Kills TicksYesYes
Repels TicksNoNo
Repels MosquitoesYesNo
Prevents HeartwormNoNo
Protects Against Other ParasitesTreats LiceNo
WaterproofYesYes – Chewable Tablet
How Long to Work12 hours to kill fleas and 48 hours to kill ticks4 hours to kill fleas and 24 hours to kill ticks.
TasteN/ABeef Flavoured
Active IngredientFipronil and (S)-MethopreneAfoxolaner
RX RequiredNoYes
Application TypeTopicalChewable Tablet
Dosing1 application per month1 tablet per month
AgeDogs 8 weeks and olderPuppies 8 weeks and older and weigh more than 4 lbs
ManufacturerBoehringer IngelheimBoehringer Ingelheim
SafetyBreeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs may use.Not yet evaluated for use in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs.
Nexgard Vs Frontline Plus

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