Raw food diets have been around since the 1900′s and they are associated with detoxification diets and vegetarian diets.  There are many variations of raw food diets yet they all have a common theme.

Basically, all raw food diets have this in common.  They all have a very large proportion of the individual’s intake as unprocessed, uncooked and, very often, organic food.

Raw food diets are based on the concept that there are great health benefits from eating primarily raw plant foods.  Since the process of cooking usually leeches many of the nutrients from our foods, food in it’s raw state is more nutrient rich.

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While, in it’s strictest form, a raw vegan will eat just uncooked plant food, there are other varieties with raw food diets.  Raw food diets can also include raw milk, raw cheese and yogurt, certain kinds of fish and meat and nuts and seeds.

Among people who adhere to raw food diets there are these different types.  Raw vegans eat only unprocessed raw plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains and legumes.  Then there are vegetarians who consume raw food but include dairy.

There also are those who have a raw animal food diet.  With this diet, special care must be taken with the source of your food to decrease the risk of harmful bacteria.

The principles behind the raw food movement are many.  One concept is that cooking destroys digestive enzymes.  Another reason for raw food enthusiasm is to avoid preservatives and chemicals used in processing foods.

Avoidance of heated fats and proteins is considered necessary on a raw food diet as they consider this to be carcinogenic to your body.

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Raw food

Food preparation can take some time and planning for certain items such as rice and grains.  They require soaking overnight or sprouting. 

Some raw food dieters will get involved with dehydrators, blenders, food processors and juicers while others prefer to keep their diet simple and avoid all of these extra kitchen appliances.

Obviously, items like raw fruits and vegetables are simple.   Some raw food enthusiasts accept freezing and others frown on this practice.

Critics of raw food vegan diets cite examples of deficiencies particularly in the area of calcium, protein, Vitamin D, iron, zinc and calories. 

Other concerns with the raw food diet include a higher possibility of food poisoning in raw foods as opposed to cooked foods.

That probability is greater in raw eggs, meats, fish, sprouts, spinach and other raw plant foods as well.  Each one of us can determine whether a raw food diet is for us when weighing the pros and cons.  Raw food diets are high antioxidant, high fiber, and low in fats and calories.

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