Why does my dog eat cat poop, this is the most common question every home owner has been asking nowadays. Have you already tried everything possible but are not able to keep your dog away from the cat’s litter box? This is the right place for you and when you own a pet dog and cat at the same time, then there is a reason why the dog might keep playing with cat poop.

It becomes difficult to distinguish and is bad for your dog’s health. Science says dogs eat cat poop because they are attracted to the protein content in the poop. This suggests that there is a lack of proper nutrition in the dog’s body.

The reason behind this irksome behavior and therefore a lot of people ask “Why does my dog eat cat poop?”. This behavior can be stopped and the dogs can stay healthy and cats can enjoy their private time and space.

This article gives the tips and tricks to get the dog to stay away from the cat poop.

How To Stop Dog From Eating Cat Poop?

Why Does My Dog Eat Cat Poop

1. Teach the dog the “Leave It” command

If your dog keeps on invading your cat’s privacy then it is time to get them accustomed to the “leave it” command. To do this, you have to teach your pet about the command-

You have to be very diligent in this and whenever you see your dog wandering around the cat poop and what they are up to and address your dog by saying “leave it”. If they listen to you then give them a treat.

If they disobey but you shout louder then they don’t need to understand their vocabulary and can sense your mood and command. This may not work out for the first few times because the dog is very new to the command.

They will catch up with the command very soon and one needs to keep repeating it.

2. Use Fences to keep your dog’s away

Indoor fences should be put up outside the room which can prevent the dogs from having access to the space. There are a lot of indoor fences which are available outline and one should find the right size, height, and temperament.

When one purchases these fences, one should make sure the space between the bars is wide enough for the cats to pass through them but are narrow enough to prevent the dogs to pass through.

You can install a small door in the bathroom so that the kitties can have an access to the bathroom but the dogs should not be allowed to.

Why does my dog eat cat poop
Use Fences to keep your dog’s away

3. Keep your dog distracted and busy

Your dog may be drawn to your cat’s private business out of sheer curiosity and when they have nothing to do, they would rather eat and play with the cat poop.

To avoid the coming up of this situation, one keeps the dog busy with other alternatives and one should keep them busy with the toys and the games. Give them all things to do, so that they won’t get bored and start looking for weird things to do.

4. Get Dog Proof Litter Boxes

Cats have litter boxes that come with their lids and these days this has become very common. The enclosing property of the litter boxes blocks the poppy smell from taking over the entire house.

These dog-proof litter boxes prevent the dog from accessing and giving the cat the privacy, it needs. The boxes may have a self-cleaning property and the odor preventing built-in features may help in clearing the problems.

Some of the boxes have see-through layers in case your dog eats cat poop and therefore the cat doesn’t feel claustrophobic or trapped inside the box.

Get Dog Proof Litter Boxes
Get Dog Proof Litter Boxes

5. Clean the litter box as early as possible

One way of preventing the pet dog from eating the cat poop is by cleaning the litter box as early as the cat’s done with its dead. If the litter box is clean, then the dogs won’t have a reason to go near it and can eat the excrements.

You can also prevent the nasty poop smell from spreading all over the house and if cleaning every time is impossible then you can invest in self-cleaning boxes which might clean and refresh the potty by themselves.

6. Buy Stool Deterrents

One other way to prevent the dog from eating cat poop is by getting the stool deterrents and these are specially manufactured for the dogs who cannot stop themselves from eating cat poop.

Once the dog has put its mouth in the poop, you don’t want to kiss your dog anymore. Thus, investing in stool deterrents will be beneficial and some of the products provide the dog with ‘fresh breath’ and it has features to freshen up their mouths.

The stoop deterrents designed for the vats can make their stools unattractive for the dogs so that they would stay away.

Why does my dog eat cat poop
Buy Stool Deterrents

7. Give your dog proper nutrition

One of the main reasons “why do dogs eat cat poop?” is because of the nutritional value that it provides. This happens because the dog is not getting enough nutrition from the diet they are following.

If this is the case, then it is time to change the dog food and check the ingredients written on the label of the package and it determines the ingredients that the dog needs. The veterinarian can help you to deal with this.

When you’re planning to switch to dog food, then make sure that the portion gives them all the important nutrients and give them human food as well even though with the vet’s permission.

8. Add Black pepper or hot sauce to the litter box

To keep the dog away from the cat litter it is advised that they can add some black pepper or hot sauce in the litter mix and the dogs would hate it. Whenever the dog gets anywhere near the cat poop, then the smell of hot sauce and pepper will repel them.

This is a surefire that makes the cat poop unattractive for dogs.

9. Add heat to the litter box

If you add some hot sauce to the litter box then the dog will stay away and the only issue here is whether it bothers the cat. 

10. Conceal your cat litter box

One classic method of preventing your pet dog from playing with the cat poop is to hide the litter tray from the prying eyes and enclose the litter tray within the loo and is a greater way of disguising an enticing treat.

Once the litter box looks like an end of the table or cabinet then he won’t be able to work his way inside the case.

Why does my dog eat cat poop
Why Does My Dog Eat Cat Poop

11. Ensure that the dog is entertained at all times

One of the first things to do if your dog ate cat poop is to consider whether the canine is drawn to the idea of playing around the cat poop. This behavior can be inflamed if the dog is left alone for extended periods.

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to keeping the dog entertained and if your dog is an aggressive chewer then try out some chew toys. The treat dispensing toys ensure that the dog gets his favorite delicacies drip-fed over the day.

The dog puzzle toys are a great way to keep your hound occupied and mentally simulated even if you’re at work all day. This issue can be addressed and stopped from repeating.

12. Train your dog to obey

If you find that the dog is constantly invading your feline’s privacy and can take an action against them. Teach the dog to command these replies but maintain little persistence and patience.

Every time you spot your dog’s approach then firmly command it and when the dog complies then reward them with a big hug and a treat. It shouldn’t take long to let your fog obey this simple but effective command.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Dog Eating Cat Poop?

What Are The Side Effects Of The Dog Eating Cat Poop?

Some dogs who can eat cat poop then they can sometimes get intestinal parasites from eating the fecal material. The hookworms, roundworms whipworms and it could be transmitted from coprophagy.   

The parasites may further cause diarrhea, vomiting, and in severe cases the weight loss and anemia and be sure that you have preventatives and they can get sick once and for all after eating a large amount of it.

Try to use a baby gate or cat door to allow the cat access to the litter box while keeping the dog out.


One should see that the dog eating cat poop habit is very unpleasant but is very common and you do not need to suffer in silence. There are many different solutions to opt from whether it is buying stool deterrent or train the dog in a way that heads off this unwholesome behavior.

The sooner one does this the start kissing your dog without being repulsed at the thought of where his mouth has been. The above-mentioned solutions are the most potentially successful ones and can be implied in case of this problem.


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