Do you know the answer to “why is my cat peeing on my bed?” Cats can be very private and genuinely disengaged creatures but they are indeed, deeply touchy. And when they tell us something, they speak in the manners that we may not generally perceive. 

My cat peed on my bed what does it mean is the question that most of the cat parents are struggling to get an answer to. Peeing on the human’s bed is certainly an issue of concern. There might be the possibility that your feline is sending you a message. This article got you covered. 

Here Are The Answers To Your Problem, “Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed

why is my cat peeing on my bed
Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed

Cat’s Heath 

Sometimes we might tend to ignore the fact that a cat has organs that works the same as a human. So primary step is to visit your vet. In most cases, Bladder stones or disease can make your feline pee on places other than the litter box unwillingly. This is a decent sign that there’s a potential clinical issue. 

Sicknesses, like diabetes, cat interstitial cystitis, cat urinary tract illness (FLUTD), or even urinary tract contamination, can cause this change in your cat. Urinary tract infection (UTIs) is one of the most common diseases among cats. A UTI in cats is a bacterial disease that influences the cat’s urinary framework, including the bladder and urethra. While UTIs are very simple to analyse and fix, but they may cause further destruction, if not treated on time. 

The Single Cat and Jealousy

Sometimes, jealousy is one of the reasons behind this type of behavior. Jealousy over different felines, a new cat is added to the family can make a feline pee on the sheet material, or basically on the bed. Cats have this tendency to mark their territories after all is known to be a descend from tigers’ families. Felines do this to check their region and yet again guarantees to reclaim its place. According to research, cats do take revenge. So that might be the reason behind peeing.

Detachment Anxiety

The presentation of another pet or another child, the departure of a relative, or some other comparative circumstance can trigger nervousness in cats. Also, if there are any variations in everyday practice or routine because of another timetable. Cats react differently and feel disturbed. Possibly, this is another reason why your cat peeing in sleep.

Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed

High Stress 

Apart from the detachment anxiety, cats feel stress. Sometimes, people wonder why my cat peed on my bed right in front of me, this is because they experience nervousness. One can easily spot indications of stress in their cats because of their behavioral changes. Uneasiness is normal in felines and it could prompt difficult issues whenever left untreated. 

Peeing outside of the litter box can likewise happen when felines feel worried or restless. Felines loathe change, minor ongoing changes in the family could be making your feline feel anxious and disturbed.

Litter Box Unhappiness 

Even cats require privacy. Cats are quiet and shy until someone triggers them. Many cat parents neglect the fact that litter box is the main reason why your cat pee on your bed. The location of the litter box, even the material of the litter box matter to cats. Potentially, these could all reason your feline peeing somewhere else. Placing the crate in a high-traffic area, not having enough litter box on all floors of your home and it is very annoying and terrible for cats to search for a different place. 

Another important thing is to check and scoop your cats’ litter box twice a day. It tends to be extremely distressing for a feline to need to manage a grimy litter box. For felines, the requirement for a clean toileting region is very important. A messy, malodorous litter box tends cats to loiter around the house. 

One more significant thing to consider is whether you have given a satisfactory number of litter boxes. You should have more litter boxes than you have felines. 

New Surrounding

Moving is upsetting for most felines since they are profoundly regional animals. You should be extra kind to your pet when you’re migrating with your feline. They might react differently due to this reason.

Here’s A Guide of How To Stop Cat From Peeing On Bed

Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed

Now we know a couple of potential reasons behind why your cat is peeing on the bed. Stopping cat from peeing on bed is not much of a task but you need to observe and try to understand each behavior. Here are a few things you can do to help your cat bring an end to their wicked little act of peeing on your bed. 

See Your Vet 

It is always important to go for a monthly check-up. Let the veterinarian do the job first. They will identify any clinical issues and treat them appropriately. Most of the time we failed to understand what’s going on with our pets. But the vet can easily find and locate the problem. So, it is necessary to take your pet to the vet whenever any unusual thing happens.

Keep away from Jealousy 

Cats can be jealousy. So, to keep them away from desirous sentiments try to give your felines heaps of adoration, consideration, and treats. Cats are possessive by nature so they need attention and proper care. Do fill them with lots of love.

Motivating Exercises

It is very important to make your cat active. Sometimes they can be lethargic and end up doing bad things. So, play with them and introduce them to stimulating exercise. For example, attempt to search for toys that could spur your felines. Online stores offer food puzzle toys that include eating and chasing which is one of the loved games of cats. 

Give Your Cat A Sense of Security and A Healthy Environment

Make sure your cat gets enough love and a good environment. Cats are very private. They look for decent and nice surroundings where they have a sense of security. You can build a safe and comforting spot for your cats where they might feel close and happy. You may likewise set up scratching posts around the house, which would keep your cat joyful and entertained. This might help your cat. 

why is my cat peeing on my bed
Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed

Discover the Stressors 

When you realize that your cat is having stress, then try to discover the stressors. The reason for the pressure will empower you to help them through those sentiments. Felines like everyday practice, and any family changes are probably going to cause most felines some measure of pressure and conduct issues, such as peeing on the bed. Being a cat parent is difficult but this is your responsibility to understand your pet. Cats rely on their parents. So, know their issue and try to resolve it.

Anxiety Relief Medication

In many cases, medication provides drastic change and helps to combat anxiety. Vets would recommend a prescription like Gabapentin for the feline’s nervousness indications. But many home remedies can help to fight anxiety-like diffusers that discharge cat pheromones to assist felines with feeling loose. Look for your vet’s recommendation before you have a go at anything as certain items could be harmful to felines. 

Make the No-Pee Zones Unattractive 

One can avoid the situation where cats pee on the bed by making the no-pee zones ugly, this will help in bringing an end to the habit. One can also use feline explicit chemical cleaner and odor remover, to eliminate any traces your feline might search for with the goal of getting back to a similar spot. Similarly, utilization of a sound-delivering scat mat or air splash repellent will make these spots terrible for your felines and they will avoid visiting that place again. 

why is my cat peeing on my bed
Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed

Make the Litter Box Likable 

As we have discussed, one of the main reasons to the question why my cat peed on my bed is that your cat finds the litter box unpleasant. Make sure to buy such a box that is likable and comfortable. Cats are very picky so try to take care of things like material, size, and especially the place of the litter box. Make it more appealing and pleasing just like your bathroom.

Feed Your Cat on the Bed 

Play with your feline on your bed, give her treats, and feed her on the bed. Felines hate to pee where they eat, and this is a fact. This could change her psychological relationship with your bed. Try this trick and see the results.

Make Your Bed Unattractive 

Cats follow fragrance. So, wash your bed covers regularly so your fragrance doesn’t wait on your sheets. You can likewise splash your sheets with a citrus solution as citrus is a typical feline repellent. Make it unattractive so that your cat finds the place ugly and unfriendly.

Final Words

Cats are pretty lovable but they need extra care and love. By nature, they attract clean things and good fragrance which might the reason for her peeing on your bed. It is always better to find the cause first rather than searching for a cure.


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